squeeze pages and list building…you cant have one without the other

Squeeze Pages and List Building…You Can’t Have One Without The Other!

Every successful online marketer knows the importance of using squeeze pages! Whether you are marketing your own products, services, affiliate programs or an ezine, you need a squeeze page.

Squeeze pages can be used in many different ways!

The main purpose of having a squeeze page is not only to show your prospect the benefits of what you are offering, but to help you build your opt-in list. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…the money is in your list!

You build your list by creating an opt-in web-form on your squeeze page or as some call it a landing page asking for their name and email address in return for something of value to them.

If your offer is enticing enough they will then enter their information and end up on your sales page. They may not buy right then, but now you have their information where you can follow up with them later, either by direct email from you or through your autoresponder program.

It’s a known fact that most customers do not buy the first time, it may take 5, 7 or more contacts from you before they do buy what you’re offering. First you need to gain their trust and build confidence with them.

This is the cheapest way to lower your advertising costs! Build a large list of opt-in subscribers/customers who trust you. It’s like money in the bank! One can never deny the fact that a squeeze page is very essential and crucial in this business; and that 98 of the marketers only ask for first name and email address. This of course depends on what you might need the other info for.

3. Squeeze pages can drive traffic to your site. To drive traffic to your site first you should flatter your visitors with perks and bonuses that are related to your product and their interests. Just make sure that the cost of your giveaways can fit in your budget and they must be a quality, deliverable product or service that your lead can use and benefit from.

4. A squeeze page is more likely to produce a 20 opt-in rate of the total number of net surfers who visit your site. You must provide a strong and juicy headline and show your visitors what’s in it for them to tempt your visitor to leave their name and email address so that they can’t wait to get to your website.

5. By creating a squeeze page, you can optimize your email marketing campaign. It has been proven that almost all visitors to your website won’t drag out their credit cards on their first visit. You’ll be able to follow up with your list of subscribers and gain their confidence in you and trust you. Then you can sell them other products (yours or affiliate) and services. If they trust you, they will be more likely to buy what you recommend.

6. With a good squeeze page program you can do split-testing with your headlines, offers and products to find out what is the most effective to bring in customers. If you do split test, then you can logically make more with the same amount of traffic and the same product. What you have to do is to continuously keep testing and to continuously run two versions so that you keep making your site better and better. With the right squeeze page program, it will automatically do the testing for you or there are several tracking products on the market that you can purchase.

7. As with most websites you can add video, images, audio and other media at the push of a button. Again, this will depending on what you use to make squeeze pages as to whether you can add media. It’s been proven that by adding media to your squeeze page, you will get better conversions. I hope by now you can see the importance of squeeze pages in your internet business. They’re simple, easy to make with the right program and they will help you build your list and achieve your peak in online marketing.

“Mike Van Bergen, CEO of 5Star-iNetMarketing.com

subject firstname making money on the web

Subject: [FIRSTNAME], making money on the web


It’s true “most people don’t want to work” is a universal
truth. So, if you don’t want to work, why are you selling
yourself into slavery for relatively low pay? You might as well
get the most out of something that you dislike doing. I’ve never
seen any clerk who is happy where he/she is. They usually
complain about low salaries and too much work. If you’re getting
paid to work (something you don’t want to do) doesn’t it make
sense to aim for something higher?

There are plenty of opportunities for making money in the
internet. You can do this for something on the side, or, you can
make it your full time job. It just depends on how much time you
want to commit to earning money in a rather easy manner. As for
myself, why am I writing this article for relatively low pay?
Well the dollar has a pretty high value from where I am sitting.
If I worked in an office, I wouldn’t be earning as much I am

The point is that you need to maximize your earning potential.
If you happen to be in a country like mine whose local currency
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As far as potential earnings in the internet is concerned, there
are plenty of avenues and opportunities to choose from.

The first opportunity with the most potential for earning big
bucks is by turning yourself into internet salespersons. Unlike
salespeople of the physical world, you don’t have to go around
the city commuting, sweating, huffing, puffing and talking your
throat sore. All you need to do is to choose a form of internet
marketing that you think you can be good at. Once you do make
your choice, exhaust all the possibilities until you get very
positive results. Nothing good comes out of something

A fast way to earn a commission is by affiliating yourself with
major vendor sites. You sign for their program and they will
give you instructions to set up an affiliate account. Basically,
you promote the vendor site and their products in your own
website or in articles that you write and submit to ezines. You
will need to place links into your website or ezine article that
will lead to the site or product you are promoting.

If you decide to go into affiliate marketing, you will also
need to learn how to compose search engine optimized (SEO)
articles. The web is teeming with instructions on SEO
composition. These articles will help you with search engine
results. They will contain keywords that the search engine will
identify and index according to its relevance to the searcher’s
query and your article.

Then, there are the make fast money programs which you have to
pay for before you can join. (`nuff said)

By the way, don’t be fooled by those paid to read email
advertisements. One does pay you to just read but it sends an
average of one email a day and gives out 2 cents. Other similar
programs require you to accept offers or deals from the sites
that they advertise before they give out cash.

To your success,

P.S. Making good money in the internet can be easy. But if you
really want good money, I suggest you try the different
affiliate programs of major vendor sites in the internet.
Remember its good money so you will have to spend time to make
your program a success. Once you have it set-up, you can ask for
your retirement or separation pay.

5 tips to magnetize your book web site with benefits

5 Tips to Magnetize Your Book Web Site With Benefits

Would you like to create a magnetic home page, one that magnetizes your visitors? Webster’s Dictionary defines magnetic as ‘powerfully attractive.’ Best selling author and owner of the largest advertising agency in the 20s, Bruce Barton said, “The theme (any advertisement) ought to be based on two principles-first that a man is interested in himself, second, that he is interested in other people.”

What will make your home page interesting? Good design plays an important part in your site’s overall effectiveness. But it’s not the flash that will interest your audience. It’s not the jingles that will connect with your visitor. It’s the benefits – the ‘what’s in it for me’ list that create interest and even desire. Create a home page filled with benefits and it will pull your visitors in. What you say your product/service can do is much more attractive than a beautiful web page with weak copy.

Promote with benefits instead of your bio, your credentials and even the features of your product/service. Put them in their proper place on your site. But your audience will most want to know the value of your product to them.

You must answer questions like, “Will it solve my particular problem?” “What will I gain?” “What will I lose if I don’t use your service?” Some universal benefits answer the how tos: getting more passion, more energy, less fatigue, more money, good relationships, more time, less trouble, less stress, less drama and trauma. Here’s a quick tutorial on magnetizing your home page:

1. Develop a list of 10-20 benefits of each product and service. For example, a client of mine realized her audience didn’t just want to know how to get articles written, they wanted to know why should they write them?

So on the home page selling her article writing ebook, she started with a list of good reasons to write short articles to promote: For the serious marketer this ebook explains step by step how to promote your business, build a gigantic Opt-In List, increase your traffic, get qualified links, increase your page rank, grow your affiliate base, become a recognized expert, and collar more sales.

2. Be specific. List specific benefits. Describe how your customer will feel after buying your product. For example, after you buy my service of teeth whitening, you’ll look and feel 10 years younger without plastic surgery. Then post a picture of what your client looks like before and after the teeth whitening service. Let them see how happier and more confident they look with whiter teeth. Make your page magnetic with specific benefits.

3. Let the passion for your topic show in your marketing copy. Which arouses your interest more? “A 9-Step Power Plan to decimate and dominate the Consultant’s Marketplace” or “The 9-Step Plan to Become a Better Consultant.” “How to Convert More Buyers Into Customers” or “How to use the ‘FTP’ factor to pull amazing clickthrough rates that most marketers will only dream about!” Magnetize your web page with passion that creates desire and sales with your audience.

4. Develop the skill of writing headlines. Provocative titles will stir interest. Provocative statements capture our attention like a fish on a hook. They throw out the baited hook and reel a captive audience in every time. The shocking statement ‘Wives Who Don’t Want Sex’ even if they don’t have this problem will get the attention of the curious.

Use the Command statement for an immediate effect, ‘Become an Internet Millionaire!” Even if it’s a well worn claim, it still captures a large share of attention. Don’t forget the power of the simple ‘How To” information title. It alerts your audience that the information that follows will be simple and easy to digest. Capture the attention of your audience with a home page filled with magnetic headlines.

5. Give your links the power of benefits. We have added magnetic pulling power to our bulleted list, headlines, and titles. It’s all good. But there’s one more area that will give your home page even more pulling power. I got this tip from Allen Says’ “The War Report.” Many unseasoned site owners create links that say things like, “Get your FREE ebook here!” or “Sign-up for our FREE ezine!”

When first exposed to this tip, all I could say was, “Ouch!” I know my sites were filled with links like that. Perhaps we thought the magic word was FREE and people would automatically click on it and download. The truth is ‘Free ezine” tells our audiences nothing. Impart life to all your links with benefits. Those left over benefits and titles you developed earlier in this article. Review each link and pretend you have to get every visitor to click on it.

Don’t wait. If you wait you could be starting the next year without the explosive sales and traffic your site deserves. You have invested time and perhaps money into making your site the best it can be. Now, create a magnetic home page by giving your bulleted lists, headlines and links the power of benefits. Magnetize your home page and prosper!

do you really know why you are submitting your articles to online article directories

Do You Really Know Why You Are Submitting Your Articles To Online Article Directories?

Article submission is perhaps one of the best ways to leverage your products and services on the Internet….that is, if done correctly, but like Link Exchange, I think it’s being abused.

That said, I don’t think Article Marketing is about to die. It’s alive and strong!

I have noticed that a lot of authors are submitting articles for the wrong reasons. Authors are submitting ‘half baked’ articles fueled by a ‘PageRank’ and ‘BackLink’ craze, something I find very fruitless. Like in link exchange, the search engines have wisened up and are getting better at weeding out ‘spam’.

It’s imperative that you submit ‘quality’ articles. A badly written article may generate you that ‘backlink’ that you so much desire, but the real purpose of submitting your article to an article marketing directory is to gain publishers who will willingly publish your articles on their websites, blogs and newsletters; that’s where the real traffic comes from. Publishers should ‘want’ to publish your article, hence the importance of good writing.

Submitting numerous short (less than 500 words), poorly and haphazardly written articles will do you no good. Also submitting the same article over and over with a few modifications is not acceptable; it’s duplicate content and defeats the purpose of a directory. An author needs to sit back, choose a good topic and come up with a article that is an effective marketing tool, an article that captivates the reader and makes him or her want to publish it, print and/or forward it to their friends.

Anything less is essentially a waste of time!

How many times have you seen a website with thousands of backlinks but with no ‘PageRank’ or worse still does not feature in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) at all. Too many, I must say. Too many article directories contain tons of ‘garbage’,…if ‘numbers’ is the game, then why do some of these directories with tens of thousands of articles have very low PageRank or in numerous instances none at all?

Quality rules!

As an author, your number one priority when writing an article is ‘quality and uniqueness’. You must write powerfully and with purpose. Your writing must be attractive and persuasive, otherwise it’s not worth the trouble.

My suggestion: Write a few ‘very good articles’ and submit them to carefully selected article directories. Make sure it’s a well written and useful article….something site owners will want to publish in their blog, website or ezine.

As I post post my own articles to directories, I always find myself refining the article. This may or may not have any direct benefit but I strongly believe it’s part and parcel of the quality control process.

Personally, I don’t worry about PageRank or BackLinks, I also do not force feed my directory and I read each and every article that is submitted to the directory.

Write good articles and let it come to you naturally….the search engines will reward you as bloggers and webmasters post your articles on their sites, something they will only do if your writing is stimulating and relevant.

Look at your article as ‘Your Product’ or ‘Your Service’. A service or product that is not ‘choreographed’ properly will almost always be rejected. If you are having trouble writing, make time and study what the topnotch writers are doing. The Internet is ‘pregnant’ with excellent writers.

As an owner of an Article Directory, I demand from my authors that they make a serious attempt at writing quality articles. For example, I now do not accept anything less than 500 words in length…debatable yes, but shorter articles are usually badly written.

In summary, here are a few salient points to note:

1. Plan, be clear, be original, structured, substantive and interesting.

2. Your writing must be grammatically and syntactically correct. Spelling mistakes are a no-no! Proof read your articles.

3. Your article(s) should be at least 500 words long.

4. There are plenty of writing samples and guides all over the internet. Look for them and use them. Visit article directories and read the articles within. Nobody is asking you to re-invent the ‘writing wheel’, but it’s of utmost importance that you keep abreast with what the top authors are doing.

5. Get feedback from your friends and colleagues. Two or more heads have always been better than one.

6. Write on topics that mean something to you – passion breeds excellence.

7. Finally if writing is too laborious for you, hire a Ghost Writer and let him/her express your thoughts for you.

Article marketing should be a win-win situation for directory owners and authors, therefore responsible directory owners should guide their authors and help them improve their writing; such as digging up information for them and emailing it to them in the form of a weekly newsletter, a blog or a forum.

Additionally, directory owners should engage their authors in meaningful discussions on article and general marketing, as it is part and parcel of the cut throat Internet Marketing Game, a science that must be taken seriously.

web audio a how to boost website performance by adding web audio

Web Audio – How To Boost Website Performance By Adding Web Audio

It is clear that web audio and web video are taking the Internet by storm. Many webmasters are realizing that although it is very important to get more traffic to their websites that it is even more important to convert traffic into sales.

Many internet marketers agree that a conversion ratio, between website traffic and website sales, of between 1% and 3% seems to be the industry norm and that 2% is a good average ratio. What this means is that, on average, only 2 out of every 100 visitors will actually become a customer.

Webmasters often make the mistake of only focusing on ways to attract more traffic instead of also finding ways of converting more visitors into customers. However, more and more webmasters are realizing that website success is a two tier approach, namely:

1) Getting Traffic, and
2) Converting Traffic into sales.

In the case of paid advertising, very often website traffic can only be increased by spending more on advertising. It is common for the ratio between traffic and advertising to be 1:1, meaning that if you are currently spending USD 100 to get 500 website visitors you will need to spend USD 200 to get 1000 website visitors.

With the cost of paid advertising becoming more expensive, many webmasters are now looking for ways to rather increase the conversion ratio between traffic and sales instead of spending more money to attract more visitors.

A 2% traffic versus sales conversion ratio leaves a lot of room for improvement and by only increasing the ratio by 1% to 3% sales would in fact increase by 50%. Talk about powerful leverage, and without spending extra money!

Sounds great but seems like a daunting task? The advent of web audio and web video have given webmasters access to a great tool for breaking the silence of the world-wide-web.

Instead of visitors coming across a “silent movie” type of website (actually even worse than an old black-and-white silent movie) they can now be greeted by a warm and friendly voice that make the website seem a lot more human and customer friendly, thanks to web audio.

By using web audio, a webmaster can tell his visitors more about the site, the products or services being offered and let them know exactly what to do when they are ready to place an order.

It has also been proven that web audio can significantly increase ezine opt-in rates by simply explaining to visitors the benefits of signing up for a free newsletter in a couple of sentences.

Research have shown that by adding web audio, it is not uncommon for website performance to increase by up to 312% This is equal to increasing a 2% traffic versus sales conversion ratio to over 8% without spending any additional money on advertising.

A common concern for webmasters, that have no prior experience using web audio as a marketing tool, is that they think it is difficult to install web audio buttons on their web pages. In fact, nothing can be further away from the truth.

A good flash audio software program should allow you to add web audio to any web page in less than 3 minutes.

It is clear that web audio has had a dramatic impact on internet marketing and we can safely assume that it will continue to grow in importance as more and more webmasters realize the importance of converting more traffic to customers instead of only focusing on ways of getting more traffic.

what blogging can do for your business

What Blogging Can Do For Your Business

There is certainly nothing new about the concept of blogging, and yet many business owners and Internet entrepreneurs don’t seem to grasp the power of this simple strategy. This is evidenced by the fact that many business websites do not include a blog.

If you run a business site, but do not currently have a blog, there is a great chance that you are leaving money on the table. Regardless of what kind of business you are in, a dynamic and interactive web log will improve customer response and add profits to your bottom line.

Consider this:

When you use a web log as the platform for your newsletter or ezine, you can post each of your promotions to the web, and then invite your subscribers to your blog to view your most recent update. When readers follow the link from your email to your latest blog post, they will not only have the opportunity to respond to the current promotion, they will be able to browse your blog and take action on offers you made last week, last month, even last year.

Quite often when I mail my list about my latest blog post, I end up making new sales on a promotion I did some time ago. And since my blog is linked to all of my other web sites, it’s easy for me to generate traffic for multiple products and services with just one mailing.

And blogging is a great way to generate new web traffic for your domain. By setting your blog software to ‘ping’ search and directory portals each time you make a post, you can alert a large number of people about your new content with the single click of a button.

Also, search engines are more likely to spider your site on a regular basis if you update your content frequently. With blog software, making changes to the text on your web pages is as simple as sending an email; you just fill in a subject line and post body, and then click ‘submit’.

You can even configure your blog so readers are able to leave comments and questions about your articles. They don’t have to take the time to send you an email, they can just click on the comments link and post their feedback right there on the spot. This is one of the easiest ways possible to encourage productive interaction among your prospects and customers.

Blogging requires no special technical knowledge. Sure there is an advanced side to this marketing strategy, but just adding a web log to your domain and making posts on a regular basis can improve your traffic flow and customer response tremendously.

write articles that relate to your product or service

Write Articles That Relate to Your Product or Service

If you want to make money online a good strategy that won’t cost you a dime is to write articles that relate to your product or service.

Search Engines are constantly on the “look out” for freshly written content that has been submitted online. So how do you come up with ideas for your next article? Here are several suggestions that may help…

* Hang out in online forums. Watch what people are talking about. Look at the questions they are asking. The topics that are bringing the greatest number of visitors would make for an excellent article.

* Take a look at what information is being broadcast on TV, radio, newspapers, and online. This information is usually a hot topic.

* Read blogs. What are people posting about? What kind of comments are they leaving? What questions do they have? Blogs are the hot internet marketing medium right now and you can literally find them everywhere on any topic. This is an excellent source for your next article idea.

* Survey your current customers or website visitors. Ask them what kind of article they would like to see in your next ezine or published on your website.

* Check bookstores online. What are the top sellers? This can be a good way to come up with an article that catches the attention of what people are reading.

* Be seasonal. Write about what is going on that time of year. Holidays, festivals, sports, graduations, etc. all make for an article that someone will want to read.

* Write an article about a current fad. There is always something that is hot at the time and could make for interesting reading from you.

* Keep track of what your customers and prospects are asking you. If you get an email or phone call with a question this may make for a good article. Others may have the same question, but are afraid to ask it.

* Start a swipe file on what others are writing about. If it is of interest to you it will probably be of interest to others. Never plagiarize the work of others, but you can certainly get good ideas this way. The biggest benefit of a swipe file is having it handy to refer back to over and over whenever you are ready to write your article and are not sure what you want to write about.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to come up with your next article. The internet marketer who can write interesting articles has a huge leg up on their competition. If you can master this strategy there is no limit to how much money you can make online.

managing your mailing list

Managing Your Mailing List

I subscribe to quite a few different email lists. I receive newsletters, links to ezine sites, special sales bulletins, articles on self improvement, and even regular updates on the progress of my favorite science fiction pictures. I’m a big fan of information, and thanks to electronic mail, I can receive loads of it on a daily basis.

It’s great to open my inbox and find an insightful article that helps me put a current dilemma into balanced perspective. It’s also pretty nice to find that software I’ve had my eye on being sold at half price to members of the company’s mailing list. A well managed mailing list is a valuable service that I’m happy to take advantage of.

On the other hand, I’m less than thrilled when I find a message about viagra from someone who told me their newsletter was going to include some great business tips. I’m also not entirely pleased to receive daily updates on the latest pre-launch hogwash from that guy who offered me the email marketing course. And why, someone tell me, do so many people insist on sending me the same articles by Corey Rudl or Yanik Silver? A poorly managed mailing list is a sad thing that puts me somewhere between irritation and sympathy.

I mean, someone obviously got my attention, and even convinced me to fill out a form to receive more information. They got off to a great start, and who knows where things could have gone.

If they had offered some legitimate communication instead of a bunch of garbage, I may not have unsubscribed from their list. In fact, if they had given me some quality info and worked to build a relationship with me, I may well have become their next loyal customer.

Your opt-in mailing list is arguably the most important asset you have as a network marketer. It is imperative that you manage this list in a professional, intelligent manner if you plan to build a successful operation.

Here a few things to keep in mind when working your opt-in leads.

1. Give them what you offered. If you promote a newsletter that focuses on retail skiing equipment, you are likely to agitate your readers by sending them adverts about big savings on fly fishing gear.

2. Be clear about your mailing intervals up front, and make a good effort to maintain this schedule. While additional mailings are sometimes appropriate, sending out “special” notices too often is going to devalue your credibility.

3. Always offer your prospects the option of contacting you directly. Let them know on a regular basis that you’d like to hear from them, and give them your personal email or phone number to open up the lines of communication. People will respond much better to someone who is accessible.

4. Keep your “pitches” realistic and grounded. An honest recommendation about a product you have used and benefited from is much better than the hyped up “best thing since sliced bread” copy you find in your affiliate program’s member area.

5. Be yourself! To build a proper relationship, you must be honest about who you are and what you want. Don’t worry about trying to impress your readers with rehashed “guru speak”.
Email marketing is a great way to build your business. If you apply sound judgement to the management of your opt-in list, you will be rewarded with new relationships and return customers.