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cash and pay per click affiliate programs

Cash and Pay-per-click Affiliate Programs

Millions are paying to get a ride on the Information Super Highway everyday. Now, it is widely known that the Internet is an accessible resource of many income-generating activities. Whether you belong to a private sales company or you are just interested in internet marketing, PPC affiliate programs can be a powerful venue to make money from the Internet. A partnership with an affiliate merchant is a win-win situation for the merchant and the affiliate: sales are soaring because of exposure and traffic while the affiliate is earning good cash.

To make things much simpler: the affiliate merchant provides a strip of advertisement and pays you when someone clicks on the ad’s link. You can get a commission of $0.10 to $0.30 for every click, but it sometimes it can go higher depending on your merchant affiliate. Sometimes, merchants require a quota ($1.4 for every 1000 clicks). Plus, you can get discounts from your merchant affiliates if you happen to like their products too. You can just kick back and relax while your website is generating cash. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

What is PCC Affiliate Program?

PPC means pay-per-click, wherein you get in partnership with an affiliate company that literally pays you for every click. There are actually two types of PCC affiliate programs – those who pay a commission based on the number of clicks and the other based on the sales. The pay-per-click scheme is much more popular than pay-per-lead because the affiliate gets paid by just clicking the ad, regardless of whether the visitor buys from the affiliate merchant or not. Plus the chances of a visitor purchasing something from the affiliate merchant are not really that high.

In choosing an affiliate program, read the fine print carefully – some pay-per-click programs get the ratio of the number of people who went to your site and the actual people who clicked on the ad. If you have a heavily targeted website, this can hurt your earnings.

How do I start?

Of course, you need to have a website. Depending on your target audience, choose the best affiliate merchant that is most related to your topic. For example, your website is about Carpentry then you can search for affiliate programs that sell tools used in carpentry.

However, if you don’t have a website, that’s not a problem. You can put up a content site about absolutely anything under the sun like ‘Taking Care of Dogs’ or ‘Decorating your own Home.’ But wait, its not over yet. We are faced by a dilemma – on how to increase traffic! You first need to get internet surfers to see your website, then the ad.

How do I increase my traffic?

First, design your website in such a way that it will attract internet users. A user-friendly site is always recommended so that the customers will know which one to click. Take into consideration the look and feel of the advertisement. If it doesn’t look professional, most likely, users will just ignore it. Place the ad on a strategic location – one where users can see it clearly. Visibility of the ad is always important.

Another way is to post a link to your website in forums, web communities, ezine articles or bulletin boards. However, this method requires a lot of effort – that defeats your purpose of getting easy money in the first place! The key is to do something once and forget about it. It’s like putting your business on autopilot. To maintain you pay-per-click business, be sure to track down site activity, so you are updated on how much money you are making.

Can I make more money?

If you think you can go to the next level, you can try a two-tier affiliate program. This gives you the power to recruit affiliates. Other than the money you get from your website’s clicks, you will also get a percentage of what your affiliate generates. Some companies give 30% to a soaring 50% commission on all referral sales.

Remember, you should be able to manage and monitor your affiliate program. If you can recruit more affiliates, then you can get paid more without even moving a finger! Choose affiliates that can most likely attract more internet users and bring more traffic. You just have to know the right people.

creating blissness from your business living in rhythm with your heart and soul

Creating Blissness From Your Business: Living In Rhythm With Your Heart And Soul

The word blissness came to me as a result of a challenge issued to me by my creativity coach. She was praising me on the progress I’d made in my fledgling business. I actually shuddered when she said the word “business,” as it conjured up images of women in austere dark suits clutching heavy briefcases, sitting in endless boring meetings and never having time to do what they really wanted to do.

My coach suggested that if I didn’t like the word business, to think of a different word to call it. I accepted the challenge. A few weeks later, the word “blissness” blossomed in my mind and I gleefully chose it for my own. I know that teaching SoulCollage® workshops and building my website, KaleidoSoul, is a business, but I choose to call it my “blissness” because it is giving me something that I never had before: an opportunity to share my passion for SoulCollage® with the world in a way that creates money and spreads joy at the same time.

SoulCollage® is a personal growth tool (created by Seena Frost) that is a mystical, magical blend of self-discovery and the fun of collage. Each participant creates his/her own deck of collaged cards using magazine images that speak to the subconscious mind. A SoulCollage® deck has four suits that represent our personality parts, persons who have influenced our lives, animal energies that assist us as allies, and archetypes who resonate with and inform our life’s direction and purpose. Inner surprises abound as we interpret our cards and do soul readings with our decks.

I knew immediately on making my first SoulCollage® card that I wanted to create a business revolving around it, but I had no idea what this would involve. However, I was so passionate about SoulCollage® that I dove right in. I had no business plan, and my only goal was to share the wonders of SoulCollage® with as many people as possible.

The key to creating a blissness as opposed to a business springs directly from one’s passion (heart) and intuition (soul). There’s no way to create work that sings to you unless you are living that work from your own heart and soul. And in order to allow the flow of universal abundance, you need to be in touch with your own inner wisdom (intuition).

I began by avidly continuing work on my own SoulCollage® deck. The deeper I went with the process, the more excited I became about sharing it with others. I set up a few local workshops in eastern Massachusetts, and began teaching.

It soon became clear to me that I needed a website, so I did a lot of research and found SiteSell’s Site Build It (SBI), which not only has helped me build, but is helping me to market it as well. Getting KaleidoSoul up and running was a crash course in web design, internet marketing, keywords selection, and the basics of HTML, but I thrilled to the challenge.

After that, each step I’ve taken has come from following my intuition. This has been a real lesson for me in being open, aware, and listening at all times. As I have continued on this path, I have found myself led to take the next step, and the next…

I trust my inner hunches and follow where they lead. In this fashion I have created a monthly ezine called Soul Songs, found other websites interested in helping me promote KaleidoSoul, developed an active community of SoulCollagers on the Yahoo Groups board, written e-courses about SoulCollage, and am now getting ready for our first KaleidoSoul Kindred Spirits Members-Only Tele-Class as well as our first annual SoulCollage® Weekend Retreat this August.

There are plenty of things about this blissness that are tedious, of course- photocopying flyers for my workshops, writing press releases and website updates, to name a few. Yet when I remind myself that this is all a part of my blissness, I am reminded of why I began it in the first place- to live in rhythm with my heart and soul. And then the monotonous tasks carry me forward to the next creative step.

I wish you blissness in the daily rhythms of YOUR life and work.

link building strategies for 2006

Link building Strategies for 2006

Link building is very pain staking process because it consumes lot of time and also see the results only gradually. During the past few years webmaster exchanged mails to other webmaster to gain inbound links to their website which is

commonly called “Link Exchange” during the year 2005 many link farms, link directories and building and selling link website and companies popped up just to carter this sector. Since search engines still value these links like MSN

which gives importance to anchor text links pointing to any website in their algorithm. But after some of the major update of Google in 2005 and especially the Jagger update which was done in 3 phrases over a period of 40 days made

webmasters and SEO experts to give a second through about reciprocal linking.

Reciprocal linking was a method to artificially increase the link popularity of the website and gain search engine ranking. However after Google Jagger 3 update webmaster and website promotion experts learned that their website was

dropped to a few hundreds of pages in the search engine results. What happened was Google discounted or gave no value to those kinds of links build artificially by webmaster to gain link popularity. Besides website which has high quality

inbound links replaced those ranking which was previously enjoyed by other websites. Inbound links doesn’t mean just links pointing to the website; it should be from authority website and should be seen as natural by search engine

spiders. Any kind of artificial method to gain inbound links will be identified by these spider bots and there will be a drop in those particular website ranking.

The important tips and techniques to be used in future link building for 2006 are as follows.

1) Reciprocal link – Before I go further I would like to tell you that reciprocal linking is not dead. For example if you run a website on pets supplies and linking to a dog grooming website it is definitely take in to consideration by search

engine, since it adds value and information for the visitor to these websites.

2) Directories links – A link from Dmoz and yahoo directory is still considered as gold by Google and eventually your website will be included in Google directory is you are listed in Dmoz. Directory submission is not bad idea but if you run

a website related to real estate and submitting to non related directory it is not given value and will be discounted. The quality of the link matters rather than number of links. So try to get links from your Niche areas and directories.

3) Be a Content provider:- This is pretty tough but worth the effort that means give people a reason to link to your website. The reasons could be if you provide information to relate to our niche area on your site. I mean unique content and

where webmaster can’t find these kinds of information and it will be useful to reader in your niche area. Create an article section in your own website, so definitely you will get requests from other webmasters to link to your site.

4) Think out of the box to get links: – Send testimonials for products and services which you have used and ask a link pointing to your website. Conduct interviews with professionals in your niche area.

5) Press release:- Submitting a press release related to new services, features or products which you are launching will have drastic effect to gain links and popularity to your website. Submitting press release is fast catching up with

webmasters. There are many publishers and subscribers looking for latest news and content. So by submitting a press release you gain a wide publicity.

6) Submitting articles.- This is a form of viral marketing or like a virus because you articles submitted to article banks and ezine publishers will be picked by hungry webmaster and publisher looking for free reprint content. Imagine this

article which i have written might be picked up in newsletters and online publishers which in turn gain me a free inbound link.

So the bottom line is try to gain maximum inbound links from authority sites and your niche related website. This will definitely make your link building for the year 2006 a better experience and see your website visibility and popularity gain

new heights.

what if you only have 100 left but still somehow manage to generate over 100 000 this year

What If You Only Have $100 Left But Still Somehow Manage To Generate Over $100,000 This Year

Yes that’s right armed with nothing but still generated over $100,000 in the end of this year. Is this rocket science? No it is not. Everybody even 12 years old boy can do it, all you need is proven formula that will show you what to do and when to do.

By following 3 formulas below having $100,000 income per year is no more dream. However first off I must warn you what I’ll show you below is not get-rich-quick scheme. During my last 2 years online I’d searched to every possible place in order to formula that could bring me $100,000 in a night, unfortunately there’s no such a thing.

So you need to give a time in order to make this formula work, your perseverance will pay off when the time has come.

Formula #1 – find your passion

Except you’re very cold blooded person you need to do business not just solely from profits but also from doing something you love also. Because like or not there’ll always be some problems during your business but if you doing something you love you’ll face it as a fun hobby.

Don’t worry about competition, there’re always some competitions in every field in life. Beside that’s what marketing all about how to make a killing out of your competition.

Your passion can be anything no matter how ridiculous they are, just write all of your passion.

Formula#2 – how to find profitable merchant that eager to give you more money than you boss

If you have no product to sell and only have $100 left you need to gain advantage of other people’s product. It can be as simple as joining affiliate program. Affiliate program is the act of promoting other people’s product and get paid whenever someone buy through your link.

You can do some research about which merchant in your field that offering affiliate program. All of them free to join and will cost you nothing. If you find affiliate program that require you to pay, don’t even take a glance at it, it’s simply common sense why you need to pay just for giving somebody money?

You can do research through search engine with go to affiliate directory. For example

Formula#3 – set up your online presence

Now you need to select merchant you want to represent as an affiliate. Don’t take more than 10 programs to represent. Take more than 10 programs will get you overwhelmed, and will confuse your visitors which eventually doing nothing.

And it is best if the 10 products is complement product with each others.

Now after choose the products there’s a few ways to start promote your product. You can create website and put product review that lead to specific product you represent or you can set up google adwords campaign and bid directly to merchant’s website or you can put solo ads in ezine that cater your industry telling them about your affiliate’s product with your link embedded in.

If you decide to use google adwords you need to be careful about the sums of money you spend. You need to be sure that the sums of money you spend less that the sums of money you get. And so the same if you decide to use solo ads.

I’ve seen few people make lot money with this, they have hundreds of ads on google. They pay copywriter to create the ads, set it up in 15 minutes and just sit back collect the money. Some of them have made up to $30,000 per month.

However I must warn you what works for someone is not guarantee will work to other. So you need to find out yourself, if the method is suit for you or not.

how to increase pr rank

How To Increase PR Rank

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a work at home affiliate company earning a passive income, or a retail store with a web site, PR ranking will play a major roll in your success.

PR, Page Ranking, is how search engines, especially Google, decide which pages are ranked high when surfers are looking for information. It also determines whether high paying ads, or $.01 a click ads. It will even determine whether people will pay $5.00 or $500 to advertise on your website.

This makes PR ranking the most important, and most misunderstood aspect of internet marketing.

PR is important for all websites, newsletters, blogs, or ezine publishers. Most webmasters stop once they learn about free article directories, but this is only a small percentage of the information needed to increase PR rank, and earn money from the Internet.

The debunked myth that duplicate content is penalized has opened up the www for major promotion. The only catch to free articles is the resource box. These are 2-4 lines at the bottom of the article. While they are a little price to pay for a free article, the webmaster needs to research them before using the article.

The first considerations should be the page the links point to. Is it a ad copy ‘buy now’ page, a cheap page that goes on for several feet, full of testimonies and false free offers. A good link will head to an article with similar content to your website.

Index pages can be tricky. Sometimes they have hidden redirects that lead readers to secondary sites, often porn or gambling. This penalizes the site, but also your site.

The next thing to do is check and make sure the link is still live. After a few months of posting articles, several of the sites will go down. The best thing to do is add a no-follow link into the HTML code. This lets visitors still see the link (and click it to a 404 error page) but it will stop the search engines from following the link.

There are many factors that increase page rank. Hits per month, age, and inbound links will bring a Page Rank to PR2 or PR3. Content will bring the rank higher. Combine this with content that is updated weekly, and dozens of other websites that carry the RSS feeds, and a PR4 looms in the future.

But, how do you ask other webmasters to submit to your blog/content management system’s RSS feed? This can be tricky. Offering news is one good way, especially if the news is something commonly used, but a little off beat.

Webmasters who can’t write, have the time, or don’t have the budget to hire a writer should use free content for their website. Copy and paste the article from free article web sites and the job is done.

However, there are better ways. First, if you find an author whose work you like, contact them personally. Ask them if you can use their articles, and if you can post the links ‘in’ the article. These are called ‘executive links.’

Most article writers will gladly let the links be moved into the article, and let webmasters use their articles without adding the directory link. This increases your website’s image. Instead of adding free content, you can promote the writers as ‘guest writers’ for a week, or month.

The main way to increase PR is to increase the number of inbound links. Many businesses host a few dozen blogs, complete with free content, but also including inbound links to the website. Another way is to write ‘pre packaged’ newsletters for other websites to use, with your links included.

Do not limit the article to one or even one-hundred article sites. Submit to hundreds. Each one is an inbound link.

Most important, don’t give up. Keep changing the site every two weeks, and the PR will hit PR4-soon.

make your joint venture proposal convincingly irresistible

Make your Joint Venture Proposal Convincingly Irresistible

If you do not know anything about it yet, joint venture is a scheme that will help you a lot. It does not cost much, or may not cost you anything at all. There are many ways to conduct joint venture partnership, but it will be very helpful for you to have an affiliate program.

Doing a joint venture partnership, either with a non-competitor or a competitor will mutually benefit both your online businesses. It allows both the joint venture partners to leverage on the existing resources of each websites involved in the joint venture. Instead of having second thoughts about it, why don’t you try it and see for yourself the results will be reflected on your site.

Deciding to do a joint venture partnership with other complementary web sites also allows you to provide your products and services and sell them on your partner’s website. You can invite the webmaster to do so likewise in your site. There is lots of other marketing opportunity presented in a joint venture deal. What’s more, it will not involve any expenditure on your part. Ideal, huh.

Well, if you are moved to a decision already, then all you need to do is plan your goals and start searching for ideal, credible and reputable web sites where you will give your proposal. Research your target partner web sites and their companies thoroughly.

Whatever may come up in the research may be important for you to know what they would most likely be looking for. Reading their mission statement can make you see how they make decisions.

When you finally made up your list of prospects, then you need to do joint venture partnership proposals. Here are some valuable pointers for you to write irresistible joint venture proposal.

Actually, the proposal you will write is a formal way or approach to a joint venture partnership prospect. Bare of all fancy wordings, it only means, “Let’s do a deal.”

Some proposals are far more successful and bring out positive results. This is true to brief and to-the-point proposals. Some long-winded and stereotypical proposals with pages and pages of technical jargon are usually ignored. Well, it is quite understandable.

Anyway, whatever partner you target for your joint venture project, a webmaster, ezine publisher, business owner, competitor, and the same questions would pop out of their heads once they receive and read your proposal. They would all be wondering what benefit they will get out of such a set-up you are proposing.

Therefore, however brief your joint venture proposal may be, its core should focus on explaining what benefits they would get out of agreeing to the proposal. Be straightforward in telling them what is in it for them. Once you have this pointed out, you need to go into details.

Remember always that your offer must cut straight to the heart of the matter, relevant and assure the partner of its being highly beneficial to both your clients. Remember, money is not always the thing they are after.

When you write your joint venture proposal be aware of what may really capture their interest. Make each offer so tempting, they would hesitate to turn it down. Each target partner deserves a totally different proposal according to your research on what is important for them.

Although not in too much length, describe the benefits of the partnership you are proposing. Continue on researching about them as you write your proposal. Make it easy for them to arrive at a decision and say “yes”.

Do not let your proposal go too far out and complicated though. Busy people cannot be bothered with such long-winded citations. Sometimes, too, people are just too lazy to care on reading on. As you draft your proposal, continue on simplifying it.

Of course, even if you sense from your research that they are not interested in the money, still make them see there is a potential earning to be had once they say yes. Always be scientific in explaining these. Do not give them falsehoods, for they also know their statistics.

Compose the proposal with personal undertones, as if you know him/her as a friend. Relate well with them and make them understand you are not just a machine ordered to compose something. It is also a good step to building rapport with them. Trust is an aspect that is hard to win from others but will reap great results once achieved.

Finally, if you want to really make an impact, send your proposal as a hard copy via FedEx. Sometimes, Email can be easily ignored, erased and forgotten. You can also add a note of urgency and hint that you will not wait too long to hear from them. However, do not appear arrogant, overbearing deceptive and unrealistic. Coin your words well.

Now that you know how to go on about it, start making your proposal and start putting on profitable joint ventures. With the right words and your very own business and marketing strategy, there will be no doubt as to the results of your efforts — profits!

get high quality one way links using articles

Get High Quality One Way Links Using Articles

Using articles to get one way, high quality back links is an extremely effective and successful linking technique. Why? When you write an article, you’re providing the fresh content that search engines love and you’re demonstrating your expertise and abilities.

By writing articles, you’re establishing yourself as an authority in your field and creating a positive feedback loop which, in turn, will drive more traffic to your website.

Follow this three step process to start your article marketing strategy.

Step 1: Research and Write Your Article

The obvious first step is to write your article. Before you turn on your computer and open your favorite work processor, you should spend time planning your article. If you begin typing without any planning, you probably won’t get very far.

You need to brainstorm at least 10 different topics, all relating to your website. You will develop these 10 topics into 10 separate articles.

Once you have your 10 topics, you’ll write one article, 400 to 500 words in length, about each one. Each topic should differ enough to allow you to reach the minimum word count. The topics should be related and easily tied together, but they need to be sufficiently different.

Since you’re writing articles that will be posted to other websites, make sure that you use shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs. Most people on the web will skim the article looking for main points.

Your title should speak directly to the main content. They don’t have to be cute, fancy, or obsessively creative. In fact, you can actually mislead readers if your title is too creative.

Use your main keywords with a quick synopsis of what the article is about (e.g. High Top Shoes – Choosing the Right Pair for Your Sport). Simple, direct, and to the point, that’s all you need.

Once you have your article written, it’s time to add your resource box

Step 2: Add a Resource Box for Impact

You need to develop a persuasive resource box that makes its point clearly with a strong call to action. In order to do that, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1. Why should or would the reader of this article click on my link?
2. Would I click on this link?
3. Does the article compel me to seek further information or take action?
4. If I wouldn’t click on the link, why would anyone else?

A five to six line resource box is not unheard of, but a resource box of three to four lines is most generally well received and very successful.

You must give the reader a reason to click your link without sounding like a sales pitch. So, forget the “buy one get one free” offers and the “limited time only” jargon. Just compel the reader with facts and tried not to sound like a salesman.

One critical and often overlooked point is your hyperlink. Make sure that your link’s anchor text includes the keywords that you want to be ranked for in the search engines. Don’t use your personal name or website URL unless those are the terms you want to get ranked for.

Also, make sure the link is functioning correctly and is pointing to the correct page you’re promoting. I see this mistake all the time; you click on a link and get a 404 page not found error. That’s not a good way to make a first impression.

Last but not least, proofread the article. My own technique is to write the article, do a cursory check, then a second check. I do one last proof a day later. I’m amazed at how many mistakes I catch by waiting another day before I start the promotion process.

Step 3: Promote Your Articles

I prefer to write all my articles at once and then promote. You may want to write one article and jump to the promotion right away. You’ll have to determine for yourself which way you like best. Either way works fine.

Now that you’ve written your articles, applied your formatting, finished your proofreading and added your resource box, it’s time to start promoting.

There are several places you can start promoting your articles:

1. Article submission sites and directories

2. E-mail announcement lists

3. Ezine publishers and webmasters that share your target audience

4. Submitting your article to high page rank and high ranking websites

Another great way to promote your articles is to package and distribute them by bundling them according to popularity and creating a free e-book, report, or course. You can set up an autoresponder on your website where visitors can sign up and receive your e-book as a free download. Encourage them to distribute the ebook freely.

Get out there and promote your ebook on other sites. Push it around. Get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Article Marketing – An Effective Strategy

Writing and promoting articles is an effective way to get high quality back links to your website. When you write an article and include a link back to your site, you’re getting a link from a sight without the requirement to link back to that same website. Hence, you’re getting a one way link. The article also serves as a PR or marketing vehicle for your site. The article is serving “double duty”. You’re not only getting one way back links, you’re also getting visitors who click through your article’s links.

If you take your time, do your research, and write good, quality informational articles, you will be on your way to higher search engine rankings and more sales. I can guarantee it!

how to write a book like a pro to finish sooner and sell longer

How To Write A Book Like A Pro To Finish Sooner And Sell Longer

Is your book manuscript as professional and compelling as it could be? Tell the truth; could it use some work to make it crisp and compelling? Yes. Keep reading if you need some tips to make your book writing pull readers in by the collar. Also, you’ll discover how to write a book that keeps them reading to the end.

Use the tips below to help you write your book like a pro and finish stronger to sell longer:

1. Write your book title to capture your reader’s attention.

Professional writers know the power wielded through a hot title. They realize a dud title versus a sizzler title can cause their book to plummet or soar in sales. Knowing this, you owe it to yourself and book’s success to develop your best title. After all, the better your title the more people will reach out and grab your book to read. Develop your book title to have top seller status.

2. Develop your opening paragraph with a hook.

Many unseasoned writers don’t realize the importance of starting with a hook (something to capture your reader’s attention and entice them to read further.) Create a sizzling start. Hook your readers through emotion. Slant your book or introduction with a question or an amazing statistic. Share the top benefits of your book early. Target the ‘You’ in every reader.

3. Write a 1-2 sentence thesis for your book.

Following your short introduction including your hook (opening statement), write your thesis. Make it simple; let your readers know what benefits await them if they keep reading. For example, one author friend uses sizzling bullet points to entice the reader into the chapter.

4. Write each chapter to support your thesis.

Experts know a book centered around one central become top sellers. Write a thesis for your book as a whole and each chapter. Book writing with a thesis will help you create a more compelling, organized and easy to read book.

5. Write your book with the self-editor off.

Don’t try to write your book and self-edit as you go. It slows you down and may even make you lose momentum. Get it out on paper then self-edit for re-writing. Get feedback from your friends and associates. A writer’s group is a good place to get feedback. Then invest in a professional editor.

6. Shorten your book introduction.

Entice your reader with the main benefit (main central thought) early to keep them reading. Write the rest of your piece to support your main central thought. Sprinkle the rest of the benefits throughout your copy in descending priority.

7. Slash passive structures.

Use emotional, power verbs to show instead of tell. Passive sentences slow and dull your writing. Get rid of the passive voice sentences. Give your sentences a clear subject and a verb to avoid the passive voice. “The writer found fame and fortune through marketing her books online.” instead of “The writer’s books were instrumental in leading her to fame and fortune.” Avoid connecting verbs like ‘was’, ‘is’, ‘had’, and ‘seemed’.

If you don’t put these How to Write a Book tips into practice you could end up this time next year still writing dull, boring copy for your book. Instead, you could take my advice and attract a host of ezine publishers, other web sites and book readers searching for more of your material?

The best part is they’ll come prepared to pull out their card and buy because your writing caught their attention and kept it. Now go; write your book like a pro to finish stronger and sell longer.