website start up checklist

Website Start Up Checklist

If you are thinking about starting a business website, you have many options. Getting the website up and running is fairly simple. If you hire out the job, it can be even more simple. There are literally tons of talented people out there who can build fantastic websites. The problem is, even though the sites look fantastic, they will do nothing for you because they lack the basic codes and logic of good search engine optimization. That means you could have the best looking site on the planet, but if it is not coded so that Google can find it, its useless. So I put together a checklist that I use after I build the site and incorporate all the functions of good SEO techniques. This checklist is for a basic website that is not engaged in ecommerce. (no shopping cart or products)

1. Build site

2. Make sure Meta Tags are on each page

3. Make sure each page has a title.

4. Make sure that each page has a keyword theme. I build the content around the keywords and each page is unique.

5. I install a large content section so that the users have some information that keeps them on the site. I will import articles from Isnare and Ezine to fill up my content section if you cannot write. Over the course of time you can replace articles with original content when your ready.

6. Next I make a description cheat sheet, having four to five different descriptions for the site. I also have 4 or five different titles as well.

7. I then make a goal to either create, or hire out at least ten articles per week to upload onto article directories. These ten articles will give me a lot of links after I launch the website. My goal is to continue with ten articles a week for the first year. The amount of power I get in this time period is amazing.

8. I find the paid directories that I like and submit the website to them.

9. For every 10 articles I point to the homepage, I write one and have it point to some interior pages of my site.

10. Next I take out monthly classified on Ebay and make a generic ad that links to my site. I harness the power of Ebay’s marketing system to get some good links.

11. Next I will hire out all the directory listings for the site. I will use someone that can leak them out over time. These are not super high value directories to google but Yahoo and MSN like them.

12. Build a blog that is relevant in content and begin posting content on it. Make it point the main website and watch the power of the blog for links.

13. I now go after long tail search terms by using PPC campaigns where it makes sense on my money pages.

14. Even though this is controversial, I join some link exchanges looking ONLY for some quality reciprocal links in my category. I only exchange with people who have content on their sites and then try to exchange articles with them after I develop a relationship with them by trading links. I only pay attention to quality sites.

15. Lather rinse and repeat. I like to hire out or outsource as many article writers that I can possibly afford.