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article writing a why bother

Article Writing – Why Bother?

There are thousands of articles to be read on the World Wide Web, and many more are being added everyday. If you take the time to do more than skim them, you will find that many articles are about similar things. Why would you take the time out of your busy schedule to add one more? We all suffer from information overload- so why add to it?
Why should I bother?

Here are some good reasons to consider why it would be to your advantage to take up article writing:

1. Expert Status,

By writing articles in your niche area you begin to establish your credibility as an expert in that field. When writing your article it is important to include key words in the article that relate to your specific area. This will make it easier for the search engines to link your name to your area of expertise, and your reputation will grow into ‘expert status’

2. Your Articles Are Needed

Webmasters, ezine editors, and publishers are looking for fresh content to publish to their subscribers. It is to your advantage that they find you. Then your article will get reproduced all over the world, and that will increase your exposure and reputation.

3. To Use your Resource Box

The resource box at the end of your article is your space to “sell” and promote you and your services, products, and expertise. To reprint your article, publishers have to include the resource box. Here is your opportunity for FREE advertising and unashamed self promotion.

4. To Gain Traffic To Your Website

By including a live link back to your site in the resource box your will increase your web traffic to your website. This is a good marketing strategy, as search engines look for links into your site and it will improve your ranking and you will get even more traffic directed your way.

5. Content is King
Quality content is king on the internet. The more places your articles are found on the Internet, the better it is for you. This is because when a search for your subject, name or company is done the more hits will be found by the search engines, and you will place closer to the front of the listings. (of course there is a way for your article to come up as Number One, but that is a topic for another day)

How do You Get Your Article onto The Internet, and Get Noticed?

There are several ways to do this, here are four important ways:

1. Publish your article on your website. To get it noticed quickly , you can submit a sitemap to Google (it’s a free service)

2. Register and submit your article to free article submission sites such as www.EzineArticles.com , www.articlesbeyondbetter.com . There are lots out there- do a search for them. You can also sign up to several Yahoo groups that focus on article writing and submission.

3. Submit to a service that will submit to sites for you. Well known submission services include Isnare, Article Marketer, Submit Your Article and thePhantomwriters.com.

4. Buy software that will not only submit articles for you, but help with the formatting and make them search engine friendly as well. If you intend to write articles frequently this is a great time saver. I recommend Article Announcer

So What Next ?

Start writing and increase your expert status, web traffic, and promote your
business product or service for free.

do you really know why you are submitting your articles to online article directories

Do You Really Know Why You Are Submitting Your Articles To Online Article Directories?

Article submission is perhaps one of the best ways to leverage your products and services on the Internet….that is, if done correctly, but like Link Exchange, I think it’s being abused.

That said, I don’t think Article Marketing is about to die. It’s alive and strong!

I have noticed that a lot of authors are submitting articles for the wrong reasons. Authors are submitting ‘half baked’ articles fueled by a ‘PageRank’ and ‘BackLink’ craze, something I find very fruitless. Like in link exchange, the search engines have wisened up and are getting better at weeding out ‘spam’.

It’s imperative that you submit ‘quality’ articles. A badly written article may generate you that ‘backlink’ that you so much desire, but the real purpose of submitting your article to an article marketing directory is to gain publishers who will willingly publish your articles on their websites, blogs and newsletters; that’s where the real traffic comes from. Publishers should ‘want’ to publish your article, hence the importance of good writing.

Submitting numerous short (less than 500 words), poorly and haphazardly written articles will do you no good. Also submitting the same article over and over with a few modifications is not acceptable; it’s duplicate content and defeats the purpose of a directory. An author needs to sit back, choose a good topic and come up with a article that is an effective marketing tool, an article that captivates the reader and makes him or her want to publish it, print and/or forward it to their friends.

Anything less is essentially a waste of time!

How many times have you seen a website with thousands of backlinks but with no ‘PageRank’ or worse still does not feature in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) at all. Too many, I must say. Too many article directories contain tons of ‘garbage’,…if ‘numbers’ is the game, then why do some of these directories with tens of thousands of articles have very low PageRank or in numerous instances none at all?

Quality rules!

As an author, your number one priority when writing an article is ‘quality and uniqueness’. You must write powerfully and with purpose. Your writing must be attractive and persuasive, otherwise it’s not worth the trouble.

My suggestion: Write a few ‘very good articles’ and submit them to carefully selected article directories. Make sure it’s a well written and useful article….something site owners will want to publish in their blog, website or ezine.

As I post post my own articles to directories, I always find myself refining the article. This may or may not have any direct benefit but I strongly believe it’s part and parcel of the quality control process.

Personally, I don’t worry about PageRank or BackLinks, I also do not force feed my directory and I read each and every article that is submitted to the directory.

Write good articles and let it come to you naturally….the search engines will reward you as bloggers and webmasters post your articles on their sites, something they will only do if your writing is stimulating and relevant.

Look at your article as ‘Your Product’ or ‘Your Service’. A service or product that is not ‘choreographed’ properly will almost always be rejected. If you are having trouble writing, make time and study what the topnotch writers are doing. The Internet is ‘pregnant’ with excellent writers.

As an owner of an Article Directory, I demand from my authors that they make a serious attempt at writing quality articles. For example, I now do not accept anything less than 500 words in length…debatable yes, but shorter articles are usually badly written.

In summary, here are a few salient points to note:

1. Plan, be clear, be original, structured, substantive and interesting.

2. Your writing must be grammatically and syntactically correct. Spelling mistakes are a no-no! Proof read your articles.

3. Your article(s) should be at least 500 words long.

4. There are plenty of writing samples and guides all over the internet. Look for them and use them. Visit article directories and read the articles within. Nobody is asking you to re-invent the ‘writing wheel’, but it’s of utmost importance that you keep abreast with what the top authors are doing.

5. Get feedback from your friends and colleagues. Two or more heads have always been better than one.

6. Write on topics that mean something to you – passion breeds excellence.

7. Finally if writing is too laborious for you, hire a Ghost Writer and let him/her express your thoughts for you.

Article marketing should be a win-win situation for directory owners and authors, therefore responsible directory owners should guide their authors and help them improve their writing; such as digging up information for them and emailing it to them in the form of a weekly newsletter, a blog or a forum.

Additionally, directory owners should engage their authors in meaningful discussions on article and general marketing, as it is part and parcel of the cut throat Internet Marketing Game, a science that must be taken seriously.

article marketing and the eye of the spider

Article Marketing And The Eye Of The Spider

Ever wondered how internet marketing worked? How does anybody who is into internet marketing inform his potential customers that he exists? And how do customers who are looking for something specific, know where to look for it? Given the sheer profusion of pages on the internet, this can be a herculean task for both the buyer as well as the seller.

Internet marketing is all about catching the ‘eye of the spider’. ‘Spiders’ are ingenious little devices that search all the pages of the World Wide Web looking for those pages that are most relevant to the search term that the internet user has entered. Not only do spiders find the appropriate pages, but they also rank these pages in order of relevance, making it easier for the user to find what he is looking for. Goes without saying, anybody looking for something would first click on the page that is right on top of the list. If he finds what he is looking for, that’s it- he looks no further. It is only if he does not find what he wants that he will then go down the list of pages that the spiders have ranked in decreasing order of relevance. The key then, is to make sure your website is ranked right up there above all others that have the same keyword.

Here are a few tips on how you can use article marketing to catch the eye of that all-important spider and get your website ranked right up there, where it can be seen by millions of users.

Make sure your article content is original

Spiders never forget! They memorize every article they have ever crawled over. If they come across a similar article during subsequent searches they immediately pick it out as a plagiarized copy. Instead of the brownie points you would expect to win for featuring valuable content on your web site, your web site would get penalized for featuring copied content. It is critical to make sure that your article content is always original.

Post your original articles on your own website first

By posting your original content on your own website before distributing it to other sites, you stake a claim to your article, and prevent those spiders from penalizing it for duplication. Also, when the spider picks up your article during a search, if the article is posted on your website, it will lead the reader straight to your site circumventing the round-about route.

Embed those keywords and keyword phrases

Using appropriate keywords and keyword phrases throughout your article while maintaining optimum keyword density, is critical. Proper keywords used correctly helps spiders index your website and leverages your search engine optimization. It is important to remember that proper usage of keywords and keyword phrases is critical. Keywords that are randomly placed throughout the article, known as keyword stuffing, will only help get your article disqualified and penalized by search engines. And if your article that is unintelligently keyword stuffed, does get past the search engines, your site visitors will be none too impressed with the quality of your articles and will almost certainly turn away. Once this happens, it is almost impossible to lure them back again.

Increase your link popularity

Spiders determine the popularity and relevancy of your website by the quality and quantity of inbound hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Include an “About the Author” section with a link to your website in every author resource box at the end of your article. It is obligatory for other websites to include this section if they decide to publish your article on their site. This in itself will guarantee you unlimited free publicity. If your article is informative and interesting, and is placed on several sites, you would automatically get plenty of links pointing back to your site. This is guaranteed to catch the eye of the spider and increase your search engine ranking.

Maximize your exposure through article distribution sites

By submitting your articles to large distributions sites such as GoArticles.com or eZine.com you increase the chances of your article being repurposed by other webmasters who are continuously seeking quality content. This can have a kind of viral effect and send a continuous stream of significant traffic towards the direction of your articles.

Persistence pays

Writing just one article, no matter how good, is not enough to get you the desired results. Catching the eye of the spider takes time. To reap the benefits of article marketing requires time and patience as well as the unswerving commitment to generate and disseminate good quality articles consistently. This is what will create a valuable footprint in your field of expertise and help increase the number of back-links to your site.

Maintain that word count

Most websites will only accept and distribute articles that meet their specified article requirements with regard to minimum and maximum length. As a rule, articles should be no more than 500 words and no less than 300 words.

why unique article versions are paramount to your success

Why Unique Article Versions Are Paramount To Your Success!

If you have been involved in article marketing for some time or are maybe a newbie to this strategy, you probably have heard about the remarkable tool ‘article submission software’.

Website owners from around the world use article submission software to submit articles to numerous article directories, websites, ezines, and newsletters. The problem is they submit the exact same article to hundreds or even thousands of the aforementioned sources. This is ‘submission suicide’ and absolutely must be avoided in order for you to obtain monumental success through article submissions.

There is a dreaded little term out there in the Internet community known as the “duplicate content” penalty or also known as the “duplicate content” filter. It is very real and duplicate content article versions will damage your site rankings, back links, and traffic. With today’s technologies, major search engine programmers and a few of the large article directory sites are backed by sophisticated software that can easily identify duplicate content. By using numerous metrics, they can evaluate Websites and pages of content to filter out an article that has been submitted to multiple sites. When Google sees an article with too much duplication, it centers it’s attention to the articles that have been archived the longest and rids the excessive duplicate articles into a supplemental directory.

So, now after enlightening you a bit on duplicate article submissions, let me ask you a few questions…

1. Would a person researching a subject want to find the exact same article listed hundreds of times through their search results?

2. Would many of the article directories, Website article publishers, ezine publishers, and newsletter publishers want to have the exact same article posted on their sites?

This would obviously not be favorable. It’s not reasonable to have the exact same article on hundreds or thousands of sites. Duplicate articles will be weeded out within a matter of a month or two. Hence, why waste your time if your ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to your site, generate more back links, and drive higher search engine rankings. Website promotion must have maximum impact in order to sustain your Internet existence. Article submission or article marketing is a powerful strategy towards your Website promotion and paramount to your Internet success.

There is only one way to overcome this “duplicate content” penalty and that is through unique article version submissions. Your probably thinking, “How am I going to sit and write hundreds of different article versions to submit?” It would take me a lifetime! Answer: Article Submission Software that submits a unique article version to directories, publishers, ezines and newsletters. Unfortunately, there are not many out there. Most of the article submission software available today submits the exact same article, but there is unique article submission software I can highly recommend called “Article Pro Software”. Just for your reference, there is also another type of software available known as “article spinners”. Unfortunately, these spinners generate an article that makes little or no sense when read by a human being. These spun articles will only embarrass you as an article publisher and poison your reputation.

In summary, remember it’s not how many of the exact same articles you submit which makes the difference in your success, but it’s the number of unique article versions submitted which will reign victory through your article submission campaigns.

you need great content if you want your article to succeed 2

You Need Great Content If You Want Your Article To Succeed

So you’ve written an article. It’s passionate and high-quality, and you think it’ll really benefit somebody. Great! But it won’t do anyone any good unless you can attract readers to your articles. The advice given here can help you in the process of finding an audience for your article so all your work doesn’t go to waste.

Adding in links to your other articles that are helpful and related can be a huge benefit for your article marketing. The benefit behind adding in link backs is that it will help you in the search rankings and it will get readers to more and more of your articles.

Consider only selling your articles to a single website, and let them know if that’s your policy. This will give them entirely unique content and reduce the number of websites who also have copies (you can’t stop it completely, many sites scrape other websites and just steal their content verbatim.) You can charge a large fee if you choose to only sell to them. If they won’t meet your higher fee, sell it again.

Make sure that your website is user friendly. If people can’t figure out how to do what they need to to, or find the information they are looking for, many of them will give up and go away frustrated. Not only does this lose them as a client, but they are less likely to refer you to a friend.

Distribute your completed article to multiple article directories, don’t submit to just one. It does not make sense to put all of your eggs in one basket, you need to submit to multiple article directories in order to get your article out there. By doing this you will ensure your article is read by many as opposed to a few.

You can use popular article sites like Ezine to post unique well-written articles related to your business. You will increase the amount of links to your site and give yourself better reputation in your field. Make sure the article contains useful information and is not just a long advertisement! Always include your bio info with a link to your chosen page, include a 2 to 3% ratio of relevant keywords.

Use social media to promote your articles and sites. Consider including a link to your facebook, twitter or other networking site into your author box. You can push out content to readers who have chosen to follow you which will give you an automatic jump on getting eyes onto your new content.

One tip to consider when considering article marketing is that writing is not as bad as you may think it is. It is important to write just as you would speak and then clean up any of the grammatical errors afterward. After practice, you should be able to write short articles in only a matter of minutes.

As was mentioned above, even the best articles will fail to make an impact on society if nobody reads then. Finding readers for your articles, however, doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Follow the advice given here and you’ll see an increase in interest for your writing right away.

finding article ideas through article marketing tactics

Finding Article Ideas through Article Marketing Tactics

Too often writers complain that they wanted to write something hot and something that will attract a wide number of readers. In fact hot and unique article topics with attention-grabbing titles is really needed if we would like internet users to read and digest what we write doggedly everyday.

We all know how internet user’s attention span are much more reduced if they are browsing through the Internet. As compared to reading the newspaper, a novel, or even an obscure textbook, people’s attention easily wavers when confronted with articles in the Internet.

If you want to write an article, which will draw many readers, then it is important that you also learn to look out for newer sources of ideas. If a novelist needs inspiration and research in order to create a novel, then you as a web writer also need new information, more interesting resources and fresher ideas to come up with interesting articles.

First, you need to be patient in finding solutions for article resources. In order for you to deliver truckloads of articles guaranteed to dazzle users and increase web traffic then consider these ten article-marketing venues.

These article-marketing strategies will also be your main source of highly original article topics.

1. Chat Rooms – engage your time and participate in chat rooms where your target audience frequent. In chat rooms, questions, ideas, opinions, information and data will pour forth to fill your mind with new ideas on what articles topics they will be interested.

You can just listen to their questions and then make articles answering their queries. You can also make use of their actual experience, which they will surely talk about.

2. Hot topics – focus only on these. Topics frequently broadcasted on TV, radios and talks shows are usually the hot topics you are looking for.

Do not think that because they are much covered in these medium, people are already fed up with them. Not until they stop talking about it is people fed up with such issues.

3. Discussion Forums – get deep into forums and message boards. Same as in the chat rooms, check out queries and questions on certain topics. They do not much see these topics in the internet that is why they are asking. You can grab this opportunity by writing articles that will answer their articles.

The answer to their questions is the ideas waiting to be formed into informative articles.

4. Customer Survey – conceptualize a question and answer form and have your web site customers answer them. Request them to go to the section in your web site with the Q&A form or e-mail them with it.

From their answers, you will this know what kind of articles or ezine they want to see published on your web site. You can also ask them outright what topics they want to read about. Ask for suggestions too.

5. Guestbook – check out your site’s guest book and you will see that users sometimes have questions and comments that will give you inspiration on what topics to write about.

Some users also go as far as offering useful ideas to guide you in writing article with high readership percentage.

6. Hot Selling Products Advertisements – this article marketing strategy are usually found on online bookstores superior sellers list. You can also find them on online business sites where they broadcast the best-sold product during a week or a month.

This will provide you with a nice and useful idea on article topics that will capture the idea of bought buyer and seller.

7. Time – well this may not be an article marketing strategy, but it sure is a good approach in order for you to come up with worthy topics.

You can center your articles depending on the holiday, season and world-shaking events people are most interested in. You can also add a bit of history. Write about something that occurred during a certain period in the present.

8. E-mail discussion lists – for those who do not know it yet, another article-marketing source is the e-mail discussion lists. Check out unusual stories being discussed, too.

9. In Demand topics in your Niche – present fads on a specific industry related to your web site are usually good topics, too. It also draws a lot of leadership.

10. Customer Questions – instead of simply e-mailing your customer or client and straightforwardly answering them, write an article instead.

Killer ideas for attention – grabbing and fresh ideas take time to form and ample of user participation or involvement.

It is about time we tap the rich resources provided by these article-marketing tricks. You might actually burst with many new things to write about once you have gone through them!

what is article marketing and what can it do for me

What Is Article Marketing And What Can It Do For Me?

I’ve had so many people approach me about how to boost traffic, increase sales, and get more leads into their businesses. I always tell them that there is a really low-cost way to make it happen for them. Frankly, articles that I wrote three years ago are still bringing me strong and consistent traffic today.

That’s why article marketing – the process of “giving away” your articles – is one of the best ways to get traffic today, and will be tomorrow, and several years from now.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Write an amazing article on a subject your audience is very interested in.

2. Edit the article or hire someone else to edit it for you.

3. Distribute the article in article directories – a top directory is www.EzineArticles.com

4. Sit back and watch the flood of traffic, leads, and sales overwhelm your merchant account.

What I’ve just outlined may seem simple, but there is a rather involved process behind the whole thing. For one, you have to write a clear, well-thought-out article. Some people hire others to do this for them.

Big mistake!

What I’m about to write may make a lot of people angry or even cringe at the thought of having to do this, but I wouldn’t be leading you on the right path if I didn’t share this one very important piece of advice with you.

** Always write your own articles.**

Hire someone to edit, but if you’re just starting out in this article marketing thing, always write your own articles.

Put Your Personality On Display to Rake in Higher Sales

Bottom line: You have a unique voice and that’s what your readers will fall in love with. If they don’t feel your personality, they won’t feel as if they know you. In my experience, if my readers don’t feel like they know me, they’ll won’t buy from me.

No writer can capture your personality – no matter how good they are. I should know, I’ve been a professional writer for 16 years now and unless I have good previous writing samples to go by, quickly capturing a person’s personality in print is nearly impossible. Now, I could always extensively interview someone to find out just what their personality is, but time is money and I charge handsomely for that kind of time – and so will any other copywriter worth his or her salt. When you’re just starting out as an article marketer, paying such a hefty price may not be in your budget.

Good news: There’s an alternative. You can follow a set formula to create your very own quality, content-rich articles.

It’s good to write clear, easy-to-follow, content-rich articles.

Why? If you write an article that has great content and that’s infused with your unique voice, many ezine publishers, web designers, and others with web sites will publish your article on their web site.

That’s good for you because the bottom of your article will contain a resource box. This resource box lists why you’re an expert and then gives a link back to your web site. The more your article – with the resource box – gets published, the more traffic you’ll get. And traffic leads to more subscribers on your lists and more subscribers on your list leads to more sales when you launch new products and services – or when you re-launch existing products and services.