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get high quality one way links using articles

Get High Quality One Way Links Using Articles

Using articles to get one way, high quality back links is an extremely effective and successful linking technique. Why? When you write an article, you’re providing the fresh content that search engines love and you’re demonstrating your expertise and abilities.

By writing articles, you’re establishing yourself as an authority in your field and creating a positive feedback loop which, in turn, will drive more traffic to your website.

Follow this three step process to start your article marketing strategy.

Step 1: Research and Write Your Article

The obvious first step is to write your article. Before you turn on your computer and open your favorite work processor, you should spend time planning your article. If you begin typing without any planning, you probably won’t get very far.

You need to brainstorm at least 10 different topics, all relating to your website. You will develop these 10 topics into 10 separate articles.

Once you have your 10 topics, you’ll write one article, 400 to 500 words in length, about each one. Each topic should differ enough to allow you to reach the minimum word count. The topics should be related and easily tied together, but they need to be sufficiently different.

Since you’re writing articles that will be posted to other websites, make sure that you use shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs. Most people on the web will skim the article looking for main points.

Your title should speak directly to the main content. They don’t have to be cute, fancy, or obsessively creative. In fact, you can actually mislead readers if your title is too creative.

Use your main keywords with a quick synopsis of what the article is about (e.g. High Top Shoes – Choosing the Right Pair for Your Sport). Simple, direct, and to the point, that’s all you need.

Once you have your article written, it’s time to add your resource box

Step 2: Add a Resource Box for Impact

You need to develop a persuasive resource box that makes its point clearly with a strong call to action. In order to do that, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1. Why should or would the reader of this article click on my link?
2. Would I click on this link?
3. Does the article compel me to seek further information or take action?
4. If I wouldn’t click on the link, why would anyone else?

A five to six line resource box is not unheard of, but a resource box of three to four lines is most generally well received and very successful.

You must give the reader a reason to click your link without sounding like a sales pitch. So, forget the “buy one get one free” offers and the “limited time only” jargon. Just compel the reader with facts and tried not to sound like a salesman.

One critical and often overlooked point is your hyperlink. Make sure that your link’s anchor text includes the keywords that you want to be ranked for in the search engines. Don’t use your personal name or website URL unless those are the terms you want to get ranked for.

Also, make sure the link is functioning correctly and is pointing to the correct page you’re promoting. I see this mistake all the time; you click on a link and get a 404 page not found error. That’s not a good way to make a first impression.

Last but not least, proofread the article. My own technique is to write the article, do a cursory check, then a second check. I do one last proof a day later. I’m amazed at how many mistakes I catch by waiting another day before I start the promotion process.

Step 3: Promote Your Articles

I prefer to write all my articles at once and then promote. You may want to write one article and jump to the promotion right away. You’ll have to determine for yourself which way you like best. Either way works fine.

Now that you’ve written your articles, applied your formatting, finished your proofreading and added your resource box, it’s time to start promoting.

There are several places you can start promoting your articles:

1. Article submission sites and directories

2. E-mail announcement lists

3. Ezine publishers and webmasters that share your target audience

4. Submitting your article to high page rank and high ranking websites

Another great way to promote your articles is to package and distribute them by bundling them according to popularity and creating a free e-book, report, or course. You can set up an autoresponder on your website where visitors can sign up and receive your e-book as a free download. Encourage them to distribute the ebook freely.

Get out there and promote your ebook on other sites. Push it around. Get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Article Marketing – An Effective Strategy

Writing and promoting articles is an effective way to get high quality back links to your website. When you write an article and include a link back to your site, you’re getting a link from a sight without the requirement to link back to that same website. Hence, you’re getting a one way link. The article also serves as a PR or marketing vehicle for your site. The article is serving “double duty”. You’re not only getting one way back links, you’re also getting visitors who click through your article’s links.

If you take your time, do your research, and write good, quality informational articles, you will be on your way to higher search engine rankings and more sales. I can guarantee it!

do you really know why you are submitting your articles to online article directories

Do You Really Know Why You Are Submitting Your Articles To Online Article Directories?

Article submission is perhaps one of the best ways to leverage your products and services on the Internet….that is, if done correctly, but like Link Exchange, I think it’s being abused.

That said, I don’t think Article Marketing is about to die. It’s alive and strong!

I have noticed that a lot of authors are submitting articles for the wrong reasons. Authors are submitting ‘half baked’ articles fueled by a ‘PageRank’ and ‘BackLink’ craze, something I find very fruitless. Like in link exchange, the search engines have wisened up and are getting better at weeding out ‘spam’.

It’s imperative that you submit ‘quality’ articles. A badly written article may generate you that ‘backlink’ that you so much desire, but the real purpose of submitting your article to an article marketing directory is to gain publishers who will willingly publish your articles on their websites, blogs and newsletters; that’s where the real traffic comes from. Publishers should ‘want’ to publish your article, hence the importance of good writing.

Submitting numerous short (less than 500 words), poorly and haphazardly written articles will do you no good. Also submitting the same article over and over with a few modifications is not acceptable; it’s duplicate content and defeats the purpose of a directory. An author needs to sit back, choose a good topic and come up with a article that is an effective marketing tool, an article that captivates the reader and makes him or her want to publish it, print and/or forward it to their friends.

Anything less is essentially a waste of time!

How many times have you seen a website with thousands of backlinks but with no ‘PageRank’ or worse still does not feature in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) at all. Too many, I must say. Too many article directories contain tons of ‘garbage’,…if ‘numbers’ is the game, then why do some of these directories with tens of thousands of articles have very low PageRank or in numerous instances none at all?

Quality rules!

As an author, your number one priority when writing an article is ‘quality and uniqueness’. You must write powerfully and with purpose. Your writing must be attractive and persuasive, otherwise it’s not worth the trouble.

My suggestion: Write a few ‘very good articles’ and submit them to carefully selected article directories. Make sure it’s a well written and useful article….something site owners will want to publish in their blog, website or ezine.

As I post post my own articles to directories, I always find myself refining the article. This may or may not have any direct benefit but I strongly believe it’s part and parcel of the quality control process.

Personally, I don’t worry about PageRank or BackLinks, I also do not force feed my directory and I read each and every article that is submitted to the directory.

Write good articles and let it come to you naturally….the search engines will reward you as bloggers and webmasters post your articles on their sites, something they will only do if your writing is stimulating and relevant.

Look at your article as ‘Your Product’ or ‘Your Service’. A service or product that is not ‘choreographed’ properly will almost always be rejected. If you are having trouble writing, make time and study what the topnotch writers are doing. The Internet is ‘pregnant’ with excellent writers.

As an owner of an Article Directory, I demand from my authors that they make a serious attempt at writing quality articles. For example, I now do not accept anything less than 500 words in length…debatable yes, but shorter articles are usually badly written.

In summary, here are a few salient points to note:

1. Plan, be clear, be original, structured, substantive and interesting.

2. Your writing must be grammatically and syntactically correct. Spelling mistakes are a no-no! Proof read your articles.

3. Your article(s) should be at least 500 words long.

4. There are plenty of writing samples and guides all over the internet. Look for them and use them. Visit article directories and read the articles within. Nobody is asking you to re-invent the ‘writing wheel’, but it’s of utmost importance that you keep abreast with what the top authors are doing.

5. Get feedback from your friends and colleagues. Two or more heads have always been better than one.

6. Write on topics that mean something to you – passion breeds excellence.

7. Finally if writing is too laborious for you, hire a Ghost Writer and let him/her express your thoughts for you.

Article marketing should be a win-win situation for directory owners and authors, therefore responsible directory owners should guide their authors and help them improve their writing; such as digging up information for them and emailing it to them in the form of a weekly newsletter, a blog or a forum.

Additionally, directory owners should engage their authors in meaningful discussions on article and general marketing, as it is part and parcel of the cut throat Internet Marketing Game, a science that must be taken seriously.

write articles that relate to your product or service

Write Articles That Relate to Your Product or Service

If you want to make money online a good strategy that won’t cost you a dime is to write articles that relate to your product or service.

Search Engines are constantly on the “look out” for freshly written content that has been submitted online. So how do you come up with ideas for your next article? Here are several suggestions that may help…

* Hang out in online forums. Watch what people are talking about. Look at the questions they are asking. The topics that are bringing the greatest number of visitors would make for an excellent article.

* Take a look at what information is being broadcast on TV, radio, newspapers, and online. This information is usually a hot topic.

* Read blogs. What are people posting about? What kind of comments are they leaving? What questions do they have? Blogs are the hot internet marketing medium right now and you can literally find them everywhere on any topic. This is an excellent source for your next article idea.

* Survey your current customers or website visitors. Ask them what kind of article they would like to see in your next ezine or published on your website.

* Check bookstores online. What are the top sellers? This can be a good way to come up with an article that catches the attention of what people are reading.

* Be seasonal. Write about what is going on that time of year. Holidays, festivals, sports, graduations, etc. all make for an article that someone will want to read.

* Write an article about a current fad. There is always something that is hot at the time and could make for interesting reading from you.

* Keep track of what your customers and prospects are asking you. If you get an email or phone call with a question this may make for a good article. Others may have the same question, but are afraid to ask it.

* Start a swipe file on what others are writing about. If it is of interest to you it will probably be of interest to others. Never plagiarize the work of others, but you can certainly get good ideas this way. The biggest benefit of a swipe file is having it handy to refer back to over and over whenever you are ready to write your article and are not sure what you want to write about.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to come up with your next article. The internet marketer who can write interesting articles has a huge leg up on their competition. If you can master this strategy there is no limit to how much money you can make online.

submission of articles is the best techniques of search engine optimization services

Submission of articles is the best techniques of search engine optimization services.

Today, it is every organization’s need to enhance its visibility online and to get the real taste of successful Internet marketing business. Search Engine Optimization is one of the famous forms of Internet marketing. A search engine optimized website ensures better visibility, which makes your brand a prime focus of million of users, thereby generating revenue for your business.

One of the important techniques of search engine optimization services is link building. The most flourishing way of making use of link building services is to submit your site to the top article directories. Making best use of link building services can bring you into the line of vision of million of users searching the Internet everyday.

Submission of articles or blogs to article directories is also counted among the most excellent ways to make your website search engine optimized. An article directory, as the name suggests, is the online information bank of articles covering almost all categories ranging from health to technology to sports and entertainment- in short, everything that at an individual would be searching for.

Submission with article directories can give you a direct entry to the higher rankings of the top search engines. This is because article directories are updated regularly and are considered to be the most important target points for web spiders. Most article directories do not charge anything for submission, but there are a few that charge a nominal fee for the same.

Article directories can be a direct ticket to top search engine rankings, provided you choose the best search engine optimized directories. Submission with these directories ensures a huge traffic and great exposure. They further repost these articles to many other sites, which increases the visibility of your website. It is advisable to go for article directories that allow the display of the resource box, along with the article, since this is where the link for the writer or the company is mentioned. It is actually this link, using which the users are directed to your site from the article directory. Counting upon these factors, three article directories that are listed in the top categories include:

1. Ezinearticles.com – Ezine Articles is the prodigy of article directories. It has a unique program, according to which, writers whose writings have been approved more than ten times are rated better and promoted to the Platinum status. This status, once granted, helps the writers get their articles approved even prior to 24 hours.

2. Goarticles.com – This article directory is known to have a great syndication program. It enables the articles to be submitted to innumerable other sites and also sends it to individuals who have extended a request for this program to stay updated on some particular areas of interest such as self-development, electronics, health and many others. So, a steady traffic and potential visitors are ensured to your site.

3. Articledashboard.com – This article directory makes available original articles catering to wider business sectors. The directory promotes your website by rapidly generating backlinks for your website, which is considered to be a key element in search engine optimization.