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what if you only have 100 left but still somehow manage to generate over 100 000 this year

What If You Only Have $100 Left But Still Somehow Manage To Generate Over $100,000 This Year

Yes that’s right armed with nothing but still generated over $100,000 in the end of this year. Is this rocket science? No it is not. Everybody even 12 years old boy can do it, all you need is proven formula that will show you what to do and when to do.

By following 3 formulas below having $100,000 income per year is no more dream. However first off I must warn you what I’ll show you below is not get-rich-quick scheme. During my last 2 years online I’d searched to every possible place in order to formula that could bring me $100,000 in a night, unfortunately there’s no such a thing.

So you need to give a time in order to make this formula work, your perseverance will pay off when the time has come.

Formula #1 – find your passion

Except you’re very cold blooded person you need to do business not just solely from profits but also from doing something you love also. Because like or not there’ll always be some problems during your business but if you doing something you love you’ll face it as a fun hobby.

Don’t worry about competition, there’re always some competitions in every field in life. Beside that’s what marketing all about how to make a killing out of your competition.

Your passion can be anything no matter how ridiculous they are, just write all of your passion.

Formula#2 – how to find profitable merchant that eager to give you more money than you boss

If you have no product to sell and only have $100 left you need to gain advantage of other people’s product. It can be as simple as joining affiliate program. Affiliate program is the act of promoting other people’s product and get paid whenever someone buy through your link.

You can do some research about which merchant in your field that offering affiliate program. All of them free to join and will cost you nothing. If you find affiliate program that require you to pay, don’t even take a glance at it, it’s simply common sense why you need to pay just for giving somebody money?

You can do research through search engine with go to affiliate directory. For example www.affiliateguide.com

Formula#3 – set up your online presence

Now you need to select merchant you want to represent as an affiliate. Don’t take more than 10 programs to represent. Take more than 10 programs will get you overwhelmed, and will confuse your visitors which eventually doing nothing.

And it is best if the 10 products is complement product with each others.

Now after choose the products there’s a few ways to start promote your product. You can create website and put product review that lead to specific product you represent or you can set up google adwords campaign and bid directly to merchant’s website or you can put solo ads in ezine that cater your industry telling them about your affiliate’s product with your link embedded in.

If you decide to use google adwords you need to be careful about the sums of money you spend. You need to be sure that the sums of money you spend less that the sums of money you get. And so the same if you decide to use solo ads.

I’ve seen few people make lot money with this, they have hundreds of ads on google. They pay copywriter to create the ads, set it up in 15 minutes and just sit back collect the money. Some of them have made up to $30,000 per month.

However I must warn you what works for someone is not guarantee will work to other. So you need to find out yourself, if the method is suit for you or not.

how to generate repeat sales with your self published book

How To Generate Repeat Sales With Your Self-Published Book

The most valuable thing you can collect if you are selling your book from a website when a visitor comes to your book’s sales site is not their money… it’s their email address and/or other contact information.

If you have no clue how to create a website, do not worry about feeling intimidated. It is actually a lot easier than you think. There is a simple site that teaches people all about creating websites for free at www.LissaExplains.com

You can also learn a lot by doing a search for a phrase at Google.com like “how to make a website” and “free html tutorial.” You will find tons of very good free training that way and can learn how in no time. Anyone can learn the basics of creating a website in just one day.

Ok, back to collecting your website visitors contact information.

I know, I know you’re probably saying… “I’m an author. I want to write my book, sell my book and become a recognized expert. WHY do I need to get their contact information?”

The simplest answer is: Because you will NOT become wealthy from the sale of your book. You will become wealthy and achieve celebrity status through the ongoing relationship you build with your readers.

If you don’t know who they are, how can you continue to keep in touch with them – and they with you.

If you’re an expert on the subject and they already have your book, don’t you think they’ll want MORE information and MORE books from you?


Your book makes you an expert on the subject, your interactions and relationships will propel you to a recognized expert and position you for long-term success – not just a one-hit wonder.

The service you need to collect email and contact information and automatically respond to the person is called an Autoresponder.

There are paid autoresponders and free autoresponders. Normally the free autoresponders paste their own marketing message at the bottom of the emails you send out.

Not the best scenario, obviously, but if you want to do this will limited or no upfront investment then a free autoresponder service will work just fine until you start to see profits coming from your book.

The service I use is a paid service called Aweber. It is located at www.aweber.com

Do your own research and find a company that meets your needs. I recommend this service because it’s been around for a long time and many of my high quality marketing friends recommend this to their clients and wouldn’t continue to do so if it was a shoddy service.

What should you do with your autoresponder service when you get it?

1) You should place at least 1 or 2 “sign up” boxes on your book’s sales page. You can offer an ongoing “newsletter” or “ezine” (as it’s called online). Or you can create a “special report” related to the subject of your book and offer it free to anyone who signs up.

The purpose of this sign up is to capture “visitor” information. This way even if the visitor doesn’t order your book, you still have their contact information and can keep in touch to promote your book and yourself to them on an ongoing basis.

Maybe they won’t buy your book, but because of your newsletter or special report, they might recommend your book to family and friends.

2) After PayPal.com and before your download page.

When looking at PayPal.com, we saw that after they took the person’s payment for your book, they would send them back to your website.

The first page the person – now a client – should see is a “register” page. This page can simply ask for their name and email or you can have optional fields like address, phone number etc. Obviously the more information they are willing to provide the better for future contact with them.

This is a different list than those in #1. #1 is a list of people who visited your book’s website who may or may not have purchased your book. These people are registered buyers.

History proves that it’s far easier to get current clients to order more from you than trying to get someone who hasn’t already ordered. Both lists are valuable – but this one is the most valuable to you for ongoing success.