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secret to online marketing success a build your database

Secret To Online Marketing Success – Build Your Database!

Whatever you may be marketing online – whether it’s a product, service, or information – one of the most basic yet most important step in growing your business online is to Build Your Database. There are many beginners out there who are believe it to be enough to direct customers to the order page on their site. A sale equals success, the belief goes. But that is false. Now that they have bought from you – now what?

Who were they? Where are they from? How can you get in touch with them? They bought from you once, wouldn’t it make sense they may want to buy again? Or refer someone if you’re running your business properly? Folks, these are very valid questions. No good business person, online or offline, is going to be successful off of one-visit clientele (with some exceptions, of course, such as highway rest stops).

Do your research. You will find it common knowledge that it costs a lot more money to gain a new customer then it does to keep an existing one. You have to generate repeat business. How do you do this? There are a few ways, but what we’ll be discussing here is creating a data capture page.

Your goal is to have your prospective customer fill out his/her contact information (name, email, possible phone number) before placing their order. The trick is to do this in a way that it doesn’t turn them off, and make them hit the back button and look for another site. If you are going to be shipping the product to them directly, then you should already have something built in to capture this information. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re legally allowed to contact them.

What you want is to be able to gather contact information, and to be able to use it. You want to be able to reach out to your contact list to let them know about promotions, new products, sales, special offers, etc. If you’re seeing the big picture here, you realize that this translates into instant cash. Once you’ve built your database to a substantial size, you’ve pretty much created a cash machine. Yes, you’ll continue to market your business online for new prospects. However, anytime you have something new to offer or simply want to remind your customers that you’re there to increase sales – all you have to do is put together a sales letter and shoot out an email to your database.

Most of them will have bought from you in the past and will trust you. If you’ve kept contact with them with regular newsletters, they’ll be familiar with you already. Both of these are huge advantages over any other company.

One of the most effective way is to have a data capture site at the beginning of the sales process. Offer something beneficial to them in exchange for their data.

A free coaching session

A free report

A special discount

Free access to an Ezine/newsletter/course valued at $XYZ.00

Be creative, or go online and look at some successful sites for ideas. It just has to get the prospect to want what you’re offering, so they’ll quickly and eagerly fill in their info.

It goes without saying that this all has to be done with integrity. Offer something genuine and of value, and once you have their info, always contact them out of good intention. You must always have your customers best interest in mind, or your business will eventually die. Karma exists in a big way in business.

I hope this gave you a good idea of how a data capture page works, and the importance of building a customer database for your business. Good luck with this, and if you need any more information, help applying this, or just some examples – please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.

To Your Success

article marketing and the eye of the spider

Article Marketing And The Eye Of The Spider

Ever wondered how internet marketing worked? How does anybody who is into internet marketing inform his potential customers that he exists? And how do customers who are looking for something specific, know where to look for it? Given the sheer profusion of pages on the internet, this can be a herculean task for both the buyer as well as the seller.

Internet marketing is all about catching the ‘eye of the spider’. ‘Spiders’ are ingenious little devices that search all the pages of the World Wide Web looking for those pages that are most relevant to the search term that the internet user has entered. Not only do spiders find the appropriate pages, but they also rank these pages in order of relevance, making it easier for the user to find what he is looking for. Goes without saying, anybody looking for something would first click on the page that is right on top of the list. If he finds what he is looking for, that’s it- he looks no further. It is only if he does not find what he wants that he will then go down the list of pages that the spiders have ranked in decreasing order of relevance. The key then, is to make sure your website is ranked right up there above all others that have the same keyword.

Here are a few tips on how you can use article marketing to catch the eye of that all-important spider and get your website ranked right up there, where it can be seen by millions of users.

Make sure your article content is original

Spiders never forget! They memorize every article they have ever crawled over. If they come across a similar article during subsequent searches they immediately pick it out as a plagiarized copy. Instead of the brownie points you would expect to win for featuring valuable content on your web site, your web site would get penalized for featuring copied content. It is critical to make sure that your article content is always original.

Post your original articles on your own website first

By posting your original content on your own website before distributing it to other sites, you stake a claim to your article, and prevent those spiders from penalizing it for duplication. Also, when the spider picks up your article during a search, if the article is posted on your website, it will lead the reader straight to your site circumventing the round-about route.

Embed those keywords and keyword phrases

Using appropriate keywords and keyword phrases throughout your article while maintaining optimum keyword density, is critical. Proper keywords used correctly helps spiders index your website and leverages your search engine optimization. It is important to remember that proper usage of keywords and keyword phrases is critical. Keywords that are randomly placed throughout the article, known as keyword stuffing, will only help get your article disqualified and penalized by search engines. And if your article that is unintelligently keyword stuffed, does get past the search engines, your site visitors will be none too impressed with the quality of your articles and will almost certainly turn away. Once this happens, it is almost impossible to lure them back again.

Increase your link popularity

Spiders determine the popularity and relevancy of your website by the quality and quantity of inbound hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Include an “About the Author” section with a link to your website in every author resource box at the end of your article. It is obligatory for other websites to include this section if they decide to publish your article on their site. This in itself will guarantee you unlimited free publicity. If your article is informative and interesting, and is placed on several sites, you would automatically get plenty of links pointing back to your site. This is guaranteed to catch the eye of the spider and increase your search engine ranking.

Maximize your exposure through article distribution sites

By submitting your articles to large distributions sites such as GoArticles.com or eZine.com you increase the chances of your article being repurposed by other webmasters who are continuously seeking quality content. This can have a kind of viral effect and send a continuous stream of significant traffic towards the direction of your articles.

Persistence pays

Writing just one article, no matter how good, is not enough to get you the desired results. Catching the eye of the spider takes time. To reap the benefits of article marketing requires time and patience as well as the unswerving commitment to generate and disseminate good quality articles consistently. This is what will create a valuable footprint in your field of expertise and help increase the number of back-links to your site.

Maintain that word count

Most websites will only accept and distribute articles that meet their specified article requirements with regard to minimum and maximum length. As a rule, articles should be no more than 500 words and no less than 300 words.

finding article ideas through article marketing tactics

Finding Article Ideas through Article Marketing Tactics

Too often writers complain that they wanted to write something hot and something that will attract a wide number of readers. In fact hot and unique article topics with attention-grabbing titles is really needed if we would like internet users to read and digest what we write doggedly everyday.

We all know how internet user’s attention span are much more reduced if they are browsing through the Internet. As compared to reading the newspaper, a novel, or even an obscure textbook, people’s attention easily wavers when confronted with articles in the Internet.

If you want to write an article, which will draw many readers, then it is important that you also learn to look out for newer sources of ideas. If a novelist needs inspiration and research in order to create a novel, then you as a web writer also need new information, more interesting resources and fresher ideas to come up with interesting articles.

First, you need to be patient in finding solutions for article resources. In order for you to deliver truckloads of articles guaranteed to dazzle users and increase web traffic then consider these ten article-marketing venues.

These article-marketing strategies will also be your main source of highly original article topics.

1. Chat Rooms – engage your time and participate in chat rooms where your target audience frequent. In chat rooms, questions, ideas, opinions, information and data will pour forth to fill your mind with new ideas on what articles topics they will be interested.

You can just listen to their questions and then make articles answering their queries. You can also make use of their actual experience, which they will surely talk about.

2. Hot topics – focus only on these. Topics frequently broadcasted on TV, radios and talks shows are usually the hot topics you are looking for.

Do not think that because they are much covered in these medium, people are already fed up with them. Not until they stop talking about it is people fed up with such issues.

3. Discussion Forums – get deep into forums and message boards. Same as in the chat rooms, check out queries and questions on certain topics. They do not much see these topics in the internet that is why they are asking. You can grab this opportunity by writing articles that will answer their articles.

The answer to their questions is the ideas waiting to be formed into informative articles.

4. Customer Survey – conceptualize a question and answer form and have your web site customers answer them. Request them to go to the section in your web site with the Q&A form or e-mail them with it.

From their answers, you will this know what kind of articles or ezine they want to see published on your web site. You can also ask them outright what topics they want to read about. Ask for suggestions too.

5. Guestbook – check out your site’s guest book and you will see that users sometimes have questions and comments that will give you inspiration on what topics to write about.

Some users also go as far as offering useful ideas to guide you in writing article with high readership percentage.

6. Hot Selling Products Advertisements – this article marketing strategy are usually found on online bookstores superior sellers list. You can also find them on online business sites where they broadcast the best-sold product during a week or a month.

This will provide you with a nice and useful idea on article topics that will capture the idea of bought buyer and seller.

7. Time – well this may not be an article marketing strategy, but it sure is a good approach in order for you to come up with worthy topics.

You can center your articles depending on the holiday, season and world-shaking events people are most interested in. You can also add a bit of history. Write about something that occurred during a certain period in the present.

8. E-mail discussion lists – for those who do not know it yet, another article-marketing source is the e-mail discussion lists. Check out unusual stories being discussed, too.

9. In Demand topics in your Niche – present fads on a specific industry related to your web site are usually good topics, too. It also draws a lot of leadership.

10. Customer Questions – instead of simply e-mailing your customer or client and straightforwardly answering them, write an article instead.

Killer ideas for attention – grabbing and fresh ideas take time to form and ample of user participation or involvement.

It is about time we tap the rich resources provided by these article-marketing tricks. You might actually burst with many new things to write about once you have gone through them!

what is article marketing and what can it do for me

What Is Article Marketing And What Can It Do For Me?

I’ve had so many people approach me about how to boost traffic, increase sales, and get more leads into their businesses. I always tell them that there is a really low-cost way to make it happen for them. Frankly, articles that I wrote three years ago are still bringing me strong and consistent traffic today.

That’s why article marketing – the process of “giving away” your articles – is one of the best ways to get traffic today, and will be tomorrow, and several years from now.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Write an amazing article on a subject your audience is very interested in.

2. Edit the article or hire someone else to edit it for you.

3. Distribute the article in article directories – a top directory is www.EzineArticles.com

4. Sit back and watch the flood of traffic, leads, and sales overwhelm your merchant account.

What I’ve just outlined may seem simple, but there is a rather involved process behind the whole thing. For one, you have to write a clear, well-thought-out article. Some people hire others to do this for them.

Big mistake!

What I’m about to write may make a lot of people angry or even cringe at the thought of having to do this, but I wouldn’t be leading you on the right path if I didn’t share this one very important piece of advice with you.

** Always write your own articles.**

Hire someone to edit, but if you’re just starting out in this article marketing thing, always write your own articles.

Put Your Personality On Display to Rake in Higher Sales

Bottom line: You have a unique voice and that’s what your readers will fall in love with. If they don’t feel your personality, they won’t feel as if they know you. In my experience, if my readers don’t feel like they know me, they’ll won’t buy from me.

No writer can capture your personality – no matter how good they are. I should know, I’ve been a professional writer for 16 years now and unless I have good previous writing samples to go by, quickly capturing a person’s personality in print is nearly impossible. Now, I could always extensively interview someone to find out just what their personality is, but time is money and I charge handsomely for that kind of time – and so will any other copywriter worth his or her salt. When you’re just starting out as an article marketer, paying such a hefty price may not be in your budget.

Good news: There’s an alternative. You can follow a set formula to create your very own quality, content-rich articles.

It’s good to write clear, easy-to-follow, content-rich articles.

Why? If you write an article that has great content and that’s infused with your unique voice, many ezine publishers, web designers, and others with web sites will publish your article on their web site.

That’s good for you because the bottom of your article will contain a resource box. This resource box lists why you’re an expert and then gives a link back to your web site. The more your article – with the resource box – gets published, the more traffic you’ll get. And traffic leads to more subscribers on your lists and more subscribers on your list leads to more sales when you launch new products and services – or when you re-launch existing products and services.

using autoresponders with internet marketing

Using Autoresponders With Internet Marketing

If you’ve ever dealt with an online company or subscribed to an ezine or other service on the Internet before, you’ve more than likely received an email from an autoresponder. Although you may not have realized it at the time, it was probably an email letting you know that the individual you were trying to reach isn’t available. Even though it appears that someone else sent the message, it was indeed sent from an autoresponder.

Although autoresponders are great for letting others know that you are away, they are even more valuable when used as a marketing tool. If you’ve thought about selling products or services online or if you already own your own company, you could greatly benefit from autoresponders. In the world of Internet marketing – few tools and programs can compete with an autoresponder.

As many Internet marketers already know, autoresponders are a great way to put your business on autopilot and multiply yourself. With an autoresponder, simply set up your preset messages, and select the schedule that each individual message will go out. When messages go out is entirely up to you, you can send them out on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. You can also use as many messages as you want, and know without a shadow of a doubt that they will go out to those on your customer list when they are supposed to.

Best of all, you don’t even have to touch it. This will save you a lot of time, as your autoresponder will handle virtually all of your email tasks. It will follow up with your customers as well, saving you a lot of time there. If you had to follow up with each and every one of your customers yourself, it could cost a lot of time that you could easily be using for other things – even spending time with your family.

Even if your business doesn’t have a lot of site visitors now, an autoresponder can still help you out. Even though you may not think so, it can do a world of wonders. No matter how many visitors you have, you should always strive to capture all the opt-ins that you can. The best way to do this is by providing high quality products and services that will keep your visitors intrigued. If you keep them intrigued, they will gladly sign up to your list with their email address and their name, so that you can contact them with future offers. Even though may be starting out small, your opt-in list can get really big before you know it.

Once your list has grown, it will easily become one of the most valued assets of your entire company. In order for your list to grow, you’ll need to answer emails about your products, services, company, and what you can do for your customers. You don’t need to spend all day doing this anymore, as you can leave everything to your autoresponder. Your autoresponder can answer all of your email questions and give customers what they want – which will help your company grow.

Almost all autoresponders will enable you to send broadcast messages to your entire client list among other things. They will also let you stay in touch with your customers and establish relationships that will keep your customers coming back. No matter how big or how small your company may be – an autoresponder is one investment that you is more than worth your money.


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learn more earn more with database marketing qa

Learn More, Earn More With Database Marketing QA

Learn how you can increase your sales and profits with this brief Q/A (question / answer) session about “Database Marketing.” Then take action and see what results you achieve.

What is Database Marketing?

It is the art of assembling and storing various pieces of information pertaining to your customers and prospective customers. Typically, the information gathered is placed into a software program that uses databases and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Once the information is assembled, it is then used in the advertising and marketing campaigns of your products and services to these people in your database. Database marketing is thus a great way to save both money and time, because it allows you to focus your promotional campaigns to your targeted audience.

What Information Should You Be Collecting?

This will vary from one business to the next. It is really dependent upon the type of services and products you sell. For example, if you only charge $2.00 for your products, it wouldn’t be necessary to gather any yearly income information from your customers. Furthermore, if you sell a service, such as hosting, it wouldn’t be necessary to gather any type of information in regards to the books they have read or want to read. The basics you need to worry about would be the purchase history and the personal contact information. If you need other information at a later time, that would be up to you to decide what is necessary and beneficial to your business.

It is important to understand that you cannot ask for nor store any information that is sensitive. If you are unsure as to what information is sensitive, you should inquire about the laws in the area in which you live.

How Do You Get The Information Online?

The hardest part of gathering information is getting your customers or potential customers to trust you with that information. Many marketers find that the easiest way to go about getting this information is to offer a freebie in return for it, with no obligation to purchase anything. For example, if you offer an ezine or a report, ask your customers to take a survey to receive their free item first. You could also offer all visitors a free ebook, if they of course, fill out the questionnaire offered online.

If you offer a free contest, request this information up front. As with many areas of life, if you give you will get.

Using software or tools can help you keep track and coordinate your databases easily. If you don’t want to use software, you could consider Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Access to keep track of this information. If you need to gather information or create forms, some tools you might consider include Aweber or 1shopping cart.

How Can You Use Your Database?

Here are some tips for using your database to benefit your business:

1. Request the spending habits of your customers or keep track of it. This will help you improve on the overall design of your website, as well as aid in writing advertising campaigns to become more persuasive and targeted for your shoppers.

2. Find out (ask in your surveys) what your customers dislike and like about your website and business. This will be helpful in making the necessary changes or focusing on the positives.

3. Are your customers making good use of your products and services? Are they getting the help they need when they reach out to you? Ask. This can help you improve in the areas of your customer service.

4. What do your customers want or need in regards to your products or services? This can help in testing ideas, getting new products, or adding new services.

5. Build customer loyalty; find out what your customers think about your current services or products, and how you can improve.

6. Ask your customers what features or benefits they best like about your services or products? This information can be useful in sending cards electronically on birthdays or holidays as you announce new features and benefits, and then explain them in announcement messages.

In summary, the benefits of database marketing are virtually endless. Collecting information can only help you improve on your business while allowing the internet to be your guide. Give it a try and see if your profits skyrocket when you use database marketing to your advantage.