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subject firstname making money on the web

Subject: [FIRSTNAME], making money on the web


It’s true “most people don’t want to work” is a universal
truth. So, if you don’t want to work, why are you selling
yourself into slavery for relatively low pay? You might as well
get the most out of something that you dislike doing. I’ve never
seen any clerk who is happy where he/she is. They usually
complain about low salaries and too much work. If you’re getting
paid to work (something you don’t want to do) doesn’t it make
sense to aim for something higher?

There are plenty of opportunities for making money in the
internet. You can do this for something on the side, or, you can
make it your full time job. It just depends on how much time you
want to commit to earning money in a rather easy manner. As for
myself, why am I writing this article for relatively low pay?
Well the dollar has a pretty high value from where I am sitting.
If I worked in an office, I wouldn’t be earning as much I am

The point is that you need to maximize your earning potential.
If you happen to be in a country like mine whose local currency
is struggling against the dollar, then doing this writing job
will earn you more than you normally would in day at the office.
As far as potential earnings in the internet is concerned, there
are plenty of avenues and opportunities to choose from.

The first opportunity with the most potential for earning big
bucks is by turning yourself into internet salespersons. Unlike
salespeople of the physical world, you don’t have to go around
the city commuting, sweating, huffing, puffing and talking your
throat sore. All you need to do is to choose a form of internet
marketing that you think you can be good at. Once you do make
your choice, exhaust all the possibilities until you get very
positive results. Nothing good comes out of something

A fast way to earn a commission is by affiliating yourself with
major vendor sites. You sign for their program and they will
give you instructions to set up an affiliate account. Basically,
you promote the vendor site and their products in your own
website or in articles that you write and submit to ezines. You
will need to place links into your website or ezine article that
will lead to the site or product you are promoting.

If you decide to go into affiliate marketing, you will also
need to learn how to compose search engine optimized (SEO)
articles. The web is teeming with instructions on SEO
composition. These articles will help you with search engine
results. They will contain keywords that the search engine will
identify and index according to its relevance to the searcher’s
query and your article.

Then, there are the make fast money programs which you have to
pay for before you can join. (`nuff said)

By the way, don’t be fooled by those paid to read email
advertisements. One does pay you to just read but it sends an
average of one email a day and gives out 2 cents. Other similar
programs require you to accept offers or deals from the sites
that they advertise before they give out cash.

To your success,

P.S. Making good money in the internet can be easy. But if you
really want good money, I suggest you try the different
affiliate programs of major vendor sites in the internet.
Remember its good money so you will have to spend time to make
your program a success. Once you have it set-up, you can ask for
your retirement or separation pay.

writers make money online

Writers Make Money Online

When you think of making money writing, you often think of freelance writing, ghost writing, and writing novels… all of which you can do on the internet. However, I’m wanting to talk about the hidden opportunities for good writers in internet marketing (no, forget blogging).

Information is the key to the internet, whether selling tangible or digital goods. To answer your question, yes, people buy ebooks all the time. They don’t even mind paying for those physical books bound together by a wire. This is because it’s all about information. People are starving for it.

If you can write well, you can make money online. As for internet marketers, the way we run our entire operation is with the written word. We set up our websites with content, we drive traffic to our websites by submitting our articles in mass, and we write sales copy for our products and reviews for other hot products. We even write series of e-mails that are automatically sent via an auto-responder.

The big hype over the past few years has been on blogging. Writers are slaving away at their blogs as we speak, as 1 is created every second according to Technorati. Truth is very few bloggers are making any kind of serious money while many internet marketers who can write are banking. Instead of slaving away at blogs, most of us write articles and submit them massively throughout the web for backlinks.

If you’re not a great writer, however, you should take up blogging while at the same time studying internet marketing, so you can hone your craft. If you have writing skills, immediately begin IM. I suggest diving in at the forum that’s been online since 1997, WarriorForum.com.

For the rest of this article I want to reveal 5 things you can do with writing skills to make money online just to prove my point.


Write a review of a product, join the maker’s affiliate program in order to earn commissions, buy webspace and PHP redirect using your affiliate link, spin your review article, and submit the spun versions to various ezine directories on the net while using your link to your website in the resource boxes.


Buy private label rights material on a hot subject, edit it completely and create an ebook with it inserting an affiliate link within, create a website to promote your ebook, use some of your PLR to write articles then massively submit them to ezines.


Buy webhosting and a short punchy .com domain name, find a free template by searching Google, buy 25 PLR articles and rewrite them to make them unique, put the articles on your site, and sell the website along with its contents at Sedo.


Write content, put it in a zip file, and sell private label rights to your content at your website over and over using PayPal.


Write an ebook, create a squeeze page at your site, register your ebook at ClickBank, drive traffic to your sales page and squeeze page with articles and affiliates, market your ebook through a series of emails via an auto-responder.

the facts of making money online

The Facts Of Making Money Online

By studying on how other people making money online and asking some questions, you will likely to think that you can make money online too.

Some people would tell you that making money online is as easy as turning on your computer or as simple as turning on a TV. They might not say it like that, but they’ll tell you something like “This is the only program you will never need.” Or, “We’ll give you everything you need to make money at home.” They never tell you up front how much time it’s going to take, how much money or how much knowledge. These things are all items you need to know before you start to try making money online.

It’s not to say that programs that make these types of claims aren’t good or even great, but you should know what you’re getting into. The first thing you should understand about making money online is that it’s never going to make you rich overnight. It can make you rich, and you can make money overnight, but the odds of you getting rich overnight are about equal to you getting sent to prison for fraud, embezzlement or the like. Knowing this right off the bat is going to put you in a better mind set than most people who try to start a business online.

People make money online with all kinds of different items from physical goods that are delivered to the customers to information and services. There are ebooks, works of art or writings, affiliate products and the like. If you do a little research on work at home opportunities, you might find a lot of ideas that you never even thought of. Some of the most common ideas are network marketing programs or selling items on ebay. In fact, many people try one or all of these things and think, that’s it, I can’t make money online.

But there really are so many other ways to do it. If you wanted to take some classes, you could learn how to design web pages or create small programs that automate tasks for other internet entrepreneurs. You could write articles for ezine publishers for pay. You can even design the graphics for company logos, letter heads and other templates.

While you may be desperate for cash, desperation is not going to change these facts. If you need a large amount of cash overnight, look somewhere else. But you can start earning income quickly with affiliate programs. Look for programs that pay via PayPal so you can get quick access to your money.

You don’t have to have one source of income, or even one type of income. You may make some money from affiliate marketing, you may make some money taking surveys, selling items on ebay or programs that give you residual income. Just remember that making money online can be done in many many ways, but it all takes time and effort to really bring in the revenue.