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for success six essential questions that every businessperson must ask

For SuccessSix Essential Questions That Every Businessperson Must Ask

Inexperienced business operators go into new markets without having the information they need to be successful.

Because they don’t know the answers to the 6 Essential Questions That Every Businessperson Must Ask, they often fail. The difference between success and failure is rarely one wrong decision. Instead, it is a series of wrong decisions made by people who do not have the essential information needed to make the right ones.

You can greatly increase your chances of making the right decisions IF you know the answer to these 6 questions:

(1) What is the demand for your product or service?

When you know how many Internet searches are made every day, week, month and year for your product or service, you can estimate how much demand there is for what you are selling. More demand = increased chances of success.

(2) What is the available supply of your product or service?

When you know how many businesses are already selling you product or service you can accurately estimate whether or not there is room in the market for your offering.

(3) Who are your Competitors?

It’s not enough to simply know what the supply (number of competitors) is, it’s also essential that you know who your competitors are. For example, can you see the benefit of knowing you’re considering entering a market owned by Fortune 500 companies that spend millions of dollars per year on advertising alone? What if you found out that your biggest potential competitor is a non-profit that gives away your product or service for free?

(4)What is the best pricing model for your product or service?

Determining price elasticity is a critical component of any new product or service launch. When you know the highest and lowest available prices for your product or service, you are in a better position to determine a price that will spur sales and generate a fair profit.

(5) How are your competitors promoting?

What competitors say in their advertising and marketing campaigns can provide you with critical insight to their product or service offerings. When you know what words and phrases they are targeting for Pay-Per-Click ads and where they are spending other advertising money, you are in a better position to meet them head-on in the territories they are already defending and to discover new territories that have escaped their attention.

(6) What is the market “buzz” for you product or service?

Successful companies like Amazon, CompUSA, Dell and even Microsoft would never launch a new product or service without conducting a thorough online market analysis and neither should you.

A market analysis report helps you to identify the niche markets that are ripe for your product or service. You can greatly increase your chances of success if you target the right people at the right time.

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secret to online marketing success a build your database

Secret To Online Marketing Success – Build Your Database!

Whatever you may be marketing online – whether it’s a product, service, or information – one of the most basic yet most important step in growing your business online is to Build Your Database. There are many beginners out there who are believe it to be enough to direct customers to the order page on their site. A sale equals success, the belief goes. But that is false. Now that they have bought from you – now what?

Who were they? Where are they from? How can you get in touch with them? They bought from you once, wouldn’t it make sense they may want to buy again? Or refer someone if you’re running your business properly? Folks, these are very valid questions. No good business person, online or offline, is going to be successful off of one-visit clientele (with some exceptions, of course, such as highway rest stops).

Do your research. You will find it common knowledge that it costs a lot more money to gain a new customer then it does to keep an existing one. You have to generate repeat business. How do you do this? There are a few ways, but what we’ll be discussing here is creating a data capture page.

Your goal is to have your prospective customer fill out his/her contact information (name, email, possible phone number) before placing their order. The trick is to do this in a way that it doesn’t turn them off, and make them hit the back button and look for another site. If you are going to be shipping the product to them directly, then you should already have something built in to capture this information. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re legally allowed to contact them.

What you want is to be able to gather contact information, and to be able to use it. You want to be able to reach out to your contact list to let them know about promotions, new products, sales, special offers, etc. If you’re seeing the big picture here, you realize that this translates into instant cash. Once you’ve built your database to a substantial size, you’ve pretty much created a cash machine. Yes, you’ll continue to market your business online for new prospects. However, anytime you have something new to offer or simply want to remind your customers that you’re there to increase sales – all you have to do is put together a sales letter and shoot out an email to your database.

Most of them will have bought from you in the past and will trust you. If you’ve kept contact with them with regular newsletters, they’ll be familiar with you already. Both of these are huge advantages over any other company.

One of the most effective way is to have a data capture site at the beginning of the sales process. Offer something beneficial to them in exchange for their data.

A free coaching session

A free report

A special discount

Free access to an Ezine/newsletter/course valued at $XYZ.00

Be creative, or go online and look at some successful sites for ideas. It just has to get the prospect to want what you’re offering, so they’ll quickly and eagerly fill in their info.

It goes without saying that this all has to be done with integrity. Offer something genuine and of value, and once you have their info, always contact them out of good intention. You must always have your customers best interest in mind, or your business will eventually die. Karma exists in a big way in business.

I hope this gave you a good idea of how a data capture page works, and the importance of building a customer database for your business. Good luck with this, and if you need any more information, help applying this, or just some examples – please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.

To Your Success

why unique article versions are paramount to your success

Why Unique Article Versions Are Paramount To Your Success!

If you have been involved in article marketing for some time or are maybe a newbie to this strategy, you probably have heard about the remarkable tool ‘article submission software’.

Website owners from around the world use article submission software to submit articles to numerous article directories, websites, ezines, and newsletters. The problem is they submit the exact same article to hundreds or even thousands of the aforementioned sources. This is ‘submission suicide’ and absolutely must be avoided in order for you to obtain monumental success through article submissions.

There is a dreaded little term out there in the Internet community known as the “duplicate content” penalty or also known as the “duplicate content” filter. It is very real and duplicate content article versions will damage your site rankings, back links, and traffic. With today’s technologies, major search engine programmers and a few of the large article directory sites are backed by sophisticated software that can easily identify duplicate content. By using numerous metrics, they can evaluate Websites and pages of content to filter out an article that has been submitted to multiple sites. When Google sees an article with too much duplication, it centers it’s attention to the articles that have been archived the longest and rids the excessive duplicate articles into a supplemental directory.

So, now after enlightening you a bit on duplicate article submissions, let me ask you a few questions…

1. Would a person researching a subject want to find the exact same article listed hundreds of times through their search results?

2. Would many of the article directories, Website article publishers, ezine publishers, and newsletter publishers want to have the exact same article posted on their sites?

This would obviously not be favorable. It’s not reasonable to have the exact same article on hundreds or thousands of sites. Duplicate articles will be weeded out within a matter of a month or two. Hence, why waste your time if your ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to your site, generate more back links, and drive higher search engine rankings. Website promotion must have maximum impact in order to sustain your Internet existence. Article submission or article marketing is a powerful strategy towards your Website promotion and paramount to your Internet success.

There is only one way to overcome this “duplicate content” penalty and that is through unique article version submissions. Your probably thinking, “How am I going to sit and write hundreds of different article versions to submit?” It would take me a lifetime! Answer: Article Submission Software that submits a unique article version to directories, publishers, ezines and newsletters. Unfortunately, there are not many out there. Most of the article submission software available today submits the exact same article, but there is unique article submission software I can highly recommend called “Article Pro Software”. Just for your reference, there is also another type of software available known as “article spinners”. Unfortunately, these spinners generate an article that makes little or no sense when read by a human being. These spun articles will only embarrass you as an article publisher and poison your reputation.

In summary, remember it’s not how many of the exact same articles you submit which makes the difference in your success, but it’s the number of unique article versions submitted which will reign victory through your article submission campaigns.