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website start up checklist

Website Start Up Checklist

If you are thinking about starting a business website, you have many options. Getting the website up and running is fairly simple. If you hire out the job, it can be even more simple. There are literally tons of talented people out there who can build fantastic websites. The problem is, even though the sites look fantastic, they will do nothing for you because they lack the basic codes and logic of good search engine optimization. That means you could have the best looking site on the planet, but if it is not coded so that Google can find it, its useless. So I put together a checklist that I use after I build the site and incorporate all the functions of good SEO techniques. This checklist is for a basic website that is not engaged in ecommerce. (no shopping cart or products)

1. Build site

2. Make sure Meta Tags are on each page

3. Make sure each page has a title.

4. Make sure that each page has a keyword theme. I build the content around the keywords and each page is unique.

5. I install a large content section so that the users have some information that keeps them on the site. I will import articles from Isnare and Ezine to fill up my content section if you cannot write. Over the course of time you can replace articles with original content when your ready.

6. Next I make a description cheat sheet, having four to five different descriptions for the site. I also have 4 or five different titles as well.

7. I then make a goal to either create, or hire out at least ten articles per week to upload onto article directories. These ten articles will give me a lot of links after I launch the website. My goal is to continue with ten articles a week for the first year. The amount of power I get in this time period is amazing.

8. I find the paid directories that I like and submit the website to them.

9. For every 10 articles I point to the homepage, I write one and have it point to some interior pages of my site.

10. Next I take out monthly classified on Ebay and make a generic ad that links to my site. I harness the power of Ebay’s marketing system to get some good links.

11. Next I will hire out all the directory listings for the site. I will use someone that can leak them out over time. These are not super high value directories to google but Yahoo and MSN like them.

12. Build a blog that is relevant in content and begin posting content on it. Make it point the main website and watch the power of the blog for links.

13. I now go after long tail search terms by using PPC campaigns where it makes sense on my money pages.

14. Even though this is controversial, I join some link exchanges looking ONLY for some quality reciprocal links in my category. I only exchange with people who have content on their sites and then try to exchange articles with them after I develop a relationship with them by trading links. I only pay attention to quality sites.

15. Lather rinse and repeat. I like to hire out or outsource as many article writers that I can possibly afford.

backlinking basics for your biz website

Backlinking Basics for your Biz Website

Building your own site would definitely be a challenge. Most of the time, you would need to spend most hours of your day ensuring that your website is up and ready to compete in the cut-throat world out there. But of course, this is only applicable if you are a newbie in internet marketing, and slightly easier once you’re with a few helpful experiences at website building and management. For many businesses, they leave it to the professionals in their work force or hire out developers and web managers. Some people who have the expertise and resources, though, would do it on their own.
For the most part, it would be newbies who find it really difficult to undertake web management, building their SEO campaigns and connecting with other sites besides. Despite this, there are apt and easy solutions for these concerns – and it all starts with learning.
Before you proceed in dealing with any method you want to try, you must learn first. If you learn, you can already stand up for yourself. In addition to this, it is just sure that if you are already equipped with the best methods, you would no longer need to sit all day. You would certainly just need to wait for sales to come to your bank account.
Among the first things to learn for a profitable business would be backlinking. At first, you would certainly say that backlinking is a very complicated aspect to apply in internet marketing. Definitely, this may because of the root word link, isn’t it? You should not worry at all. The process of backlinking is very easy and simple.
Backlinking would not directly give you traffic or sales. It would just help visitors see that you are present online. It is just a way of introducing your site to people. It would help people be directed to your site. If you want to, you can direct them to another site. There are different basics you should try initially, and then you can conduct periodic evaluation of how they work for your business website or blog.
The first technique is social networking. There are too many social sites that would help you include your site’s link in your profile or maybe in your account. It is pretty easy. You just have to sign up and include your link. You could try Facebook, Hub Pages, as well as My Space among others. Do you wonder why some people would actually hire people to create tons of Facebook accounts? Backlinking is one of their top reasons.
Another action which achieves the ultimate goal of getting more traffic would be article submission. This involves writing articles all about your products, niche or services you offer, or anything else that is highly relevant to your business and expertise. Then all you do is submit these articles to the best or top article submission sites. You could also sign up for an account and include your site’s link. This would be an automatic backlink since you could already just provide your site’s link in the author’s resource box. Try Ezine articles such as Associated Content.
You can also do effective backlinking through forum participation. The forums would always help you leave a mark either with your signature or maybe your website link. This would certainly be free for all. This would certainly give you a perfect way to expose your site. Try commenting on blogs as well as they’d give you great backlinks. You could simply comment the way you do with forums. This would already give you the same opportunity to include your site’s link. This would be an instant backlinking technique. Make sure that you would comment in relation to the blog’s niche and choose blogs with your same subject.
Remember, backlinking does not mean that you would already get increased sales or higher page rank. This method would just give you a better way of introducing your site to the internet as well as to the potential visitors. This is somehow a startup process but would be very helpful.

why great website makeovers begin with copywriting

Why Great Website Makeovers Begin With Copywriting

“Can you give me some feedback on my website?” a life coach named “Kevin” asked his e-zine subscribers. “I just revised my site – -finally!”

Naturally, I couldn’t resist clicking over to see what Kevin had done. I knew Kevin was a thoughtful coach with a reputation for high integrity.

Kevin’s new site cried out for a re-makeover. He had paid a designer to get drop-down menus and a bit of flash. As a result, Kevin admitted, “I have no budget to pay a copywriter.”


After skimming a few pages of the site, I emailed Kevin. “Who is your target market? What do you offer? How are you unique?”

Kevin replied, “I asked for feedback. I don’t have time to answer a lot of questions. And everyone tells me the site looks professional.”

Okay. I can take a hint.

Sure, the site looks professional. But Kevin admits he’s in trouble. So far, he’s gotten nothing but compliments — no orders and no calls.

What can we learn from Kevin?

(1) Copywriters can save you money.

Often I (and other experienced copywriters) can save clients money on web design. Kevin didn’t need all those bells and whistles. In fact, some Internet marketing gurus claim they do more harm than good.

And Kevin didn’t understand HTML, let alone CSS. A copywriter might serve as go-between, translating Kevin’s requirements into web design language. Your web designer saves time – which translates into saving money.

(2) Copywriters help you earn money.

Reading between the lines, I discovered Kevin could be a stand-out. He has developed an innovative 5-step process to help clients overcome obstacles and take charge of their lives.

But Kevin doesn’t realize why he’s unique, so his website reads like five thousand other life coaching sites: vague promises of “take your life to the next level,” “discover what’s important to you” and “enjoy the work you love.”

Naturally I’m disguising the details of “Kevin’s” story, but I really don’t have to. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of sites sound just like Kevin’s.

(3) Copywriting is collaborative.

Like Kevin, my clients often think they can show me a few pages of a website and say, “Make it sell!” Copywriting requires energy and planning, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a firm believer in outsourcing to a specialist.

My clients often invest many hours answering my questionnaire. As they write, they often realize there’s a hole in their business strategy. Or they’re sitting on buried treasure.

Until I know what Kevin wants to do with his website and his business, I can’t make realistic recommendations – even as a casual ezine reader. I need to evaluate Kevin’s copy in the context of Kevin’s own goals, target market and unique selling proposition.

Kevin could do this himself. But, like most busy business owners, he didn’t want to invest the time. And he wasn’t sure what questions to ask.

When clients hire me, we have the luxury (and fun!) of creating a marketing message that hits the target market squarely in the center of the bull’s-eye.

Bottom Line: Websites deliver messages. Without a message, a website is a calling card – nice when you have more business than you can handle.

Most of the time, revising copy brings traffic and sales. Websites typically earn back the copy investment with just a few new clients, not to mention saving energy and funds by avoiding a makeover to recover the makeover.

And one day you realize you’re not getting compliments… but you *are* getting sales.

web audio a how to boost website performance by adding web audio

Web Audio – How To Boost Website Performance By Adding Web Audio

It is clear that web audio and web video are taking the Internet by storm. Many webmasters are realizing that although it is very important to get more traffic to their websites that it is even more important to convert traffic into sales.

Many internet marketers agree that a conversion ratio, between website traffic and website sales, of between 1% and 3% seems to be the industry norm and that 2% is a good average ratio. What this means is that, on average, only 2 out of every 100 visitors will actually become a customer.

Webmasters often make the mistake of only focusing on ways to attract more traffic instead of also finding ways of converting more visitors into customers. However, more and more webmasters are realizing that website success is a two tier approach, namely:

1) Getting Traffic, and
2) Converting Traffic into sales.

In the case of paid advertising, very often website traffic can only be increased by spending more on advertising. It is common for the ratio between traffic and advertising to be 1:1, meaning that if you are currently spending USD 100 to get 500 website visitors you will need to spend USD 200 to get 1000 website visitors.

With the cost of paid advertising becoming more expensive, many webmasters are now looking for ways to rather increase the conversion ratio between traffic and sales instead of spending more money to attract more visitors.

A 2% traffic versus sales conversion ratio leaves a lot of room for improvement and by only increasing the ratio by 1% to 3% sales would in fact increase by 50%. Talk about powerful leverage, and without spending extra money!

Sounds great but seems like a daunting task? The advent of web audio and web video have given webmasters access to a great tool for breaking the silence of the world-wide-web.

Instead of visitors coming across a “silent movie” type of website (actually even worse than an old black-and-white silent movie) they can now be greeted by a warm and friendly voice that make the website seem a lot more human and customer friendly, thanks to web audio.

By using web audio, a webmaster can tell his visitors more about the site, the products or services being offered and let them know exactly what to do when they are ready to place an order.

It has also been proven that web audio can significantly increase ezine opt-in rates by simply explaining to visitors the benefits of signing up for a free newsletter in a couple of sentences.

Research have shown that by adding web audio, it is not uncommon for website performance to increase by up to 312% This is equal to increasing a 2% traffic versus sales conversion ratio to over 8% without spending any additional money on advertising.

A common concern for webmasters, that have no prior experience using web audio as a marketing tool, is that they think it is difficult to install web audio buttons on their web pages. In fact, nothing can be further away from the truth.

A good flash audio software program should allow you to add web audio to any web page in less than 3 minutes.

It is clear that web audio has had a dramatic impact on internet marketing and we can safely assume that it will continue to grow in importance as more and more webmasters realize the importance of converting more traffic to customers instead of only focusing on ways of getting more traffic.

why do i need video and or audio on my website

Why Do I Need Video and/or Audio On My Website?

Bottom Line: If your website and emails are silent, you’re leaving money on the table! Its that simple.

More and more online marketers and business owners are seeing the light and recognizing the tremendous benefits of incorporating multimedia into their online marketing strategy. It’s a proven fact that multimedia more easily and effectively captivates your audience and grab’s the attention of your prospects, visitors, subscribers and customers. Time and time again research has shown that using multimedia in the form of video and/or audio advertisements increases conversation rates, buy rates as well as subscription rates for a product or service.

If studies consistently show the advantage of incorporating multimedia into your online marketing campaign, then those who have not yet added multimedia to their advertising need to seriously rethink and reinvent their marketing strategy.

“As traditional banner ads continue to decline in their effectiveness…leading companies..[will turn] to streaming media to juice up their online advertising. These initial trials are just the beginning of what industry experts believe will be a huge market…Streaming media has a 70% response rate for content, a 60% response rate for advertising information, and a 49% “buy” rate for online merchandise. (Source: Hostcentric Streaming Media: Industry Outlook).”

When you look at the above statistics put together by leading authorities, can you really afford not to jump at the chance to use Multimedia as an advertising strategy?

Look at it this way, without Video and/or Audio your site appears static to the visitor and after seeing hundreds of these types of sites, your customer becomes desensitized which is why sales conversion rates have systematically dropped over the last couple of years all over the Internet.

Savvy Internet Marketers know this and have already seen the light. You’ll notice that many of these “Gurus” are lending voice to their sales copy in an effort to increase their conversion rate and many have incorporated video into their marketing. In essence, they are re-inventing themselves, recognizing the tremendous power and benefits inherent in multimedia and using it to captivate their intended audience and to convert prospects into subscribers and customers.

Think about it…you can convince your prospect to buy your product or service or subscribe to your ezine or newsletter much more easily with a 3 minute video as opposed to a long winded sales page that doesn’t convey your passion for your product, service or publication. The human voice has the power to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to take action with much less resistence and reluctance.

These days there are scams all over the Internet and as a result people are very skeptical of many sites and ultimately the “online” business owners behind these websites. By using multimedia in the form of video and audio messages, you leave visitors with the impression that you are a “real” business and someone they CAN trust.

By using multimedia, you can also communicate better with people, specifically prospective customers, allowing you to get your point across much easier which all leads to one end result- MORE SALES!

There are many others benefits to speak of which include the following:

1. Explain selling-points much more easily and clearly to captivate your potential buyer.

2. Describe your product or service and the benefits of using it clearly and concisely.

3. Video and Audio conveys PROFESSIONALISM and most importantly it provides you with something that is essential in any business- CREDIBILITY. With credibility, you can sell more of your product or service, build that sacred opt-in list much more quickly and convince visitors to click on a link to an affiliate program you are advertising.

Therefore, as an increasing number of online business owners and marketers recognize the competitive advantages of multimedia and its power as a communication vehicle, multimedia content will become an integral part of the web experience.

Again, the question asked is “Why do I need Video and Audio on my Website?”

The simple answer: Multimedia is quickly becoming a necessity to the sustainability and future of online businesses. Very soon, all online business owners and marketers without exception will need to incorporate multimedia into their marketing strategies to maintain the continued existence of their online presence.

Do advertisers on TV try to sell you their products and services by using written text?

I rest my case.

7 proven ways to increase your targeted website traffic

7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic

One of the most difficult things for network marketers is to increase your targeted website traffic. There are many ways to do this including paid advertising which does work. If you are just beginning, you may not want to try this as you still need to test whether your lead capture pages and sales pages convert.

Many internet Marketers Fail Online Because they Do not Know How Or What To Do To create the targeted website Traffic Needed To Make Their Site Successful. This article discusses seven proven methods that will help you increase your targeted website traffic.

1. Article Marketing

A guaranteed way to increase your targeted website traffic is to write original and keyword optimized articles for your web visitors. Article marketing, as it is called, will bring you repeated targeted website traffic that already wants to know more about your products and services.

There are several ways you can promote your articles:

* submit them to major article directories such as ezinearticles.com,goarticles.com and article dashboard

* Use an article submission service such as isnare or article marketer

* Use a semi-automated article submitter such as Article submitter Pro or Instant Article Submitter

* Trade your articles directly with other webmasters.

2. Blogging

Frequently posting original useful content to a personal blog will also help you increase your targeted website traffic.

The articles you post on your blog can have links back to your other websites which are called back links. These back links help improve Page Rank in Google.

3. Classifieds

* Craigslist
* US Free Ads
* eBay

4. Linking

Not all links are created equal. There are many methods to get incoming links. First you should submit your site to all of the directories in your subject area. Second, look for similar, but non-competing sites that you can trade links with. Many sites have automatic linking software that will look for a backlink and then add you automatically. Linking with similar websites will also increase your targeted website traffic.

Other ways to increase your links include:

* Link Exchange Services (such as Link Vault or Link Metro)

* Purchase Links (from webmasters or a link broker)
* Lists
* Co-Registration Lists
* Joint Venture (other marketer’s email lists)
* Opt-in List (requires you to build your own list first…)
* Safe Lists

5. Advertising

* Ezine Advertising (advertise in various newsletters)
* Pay-Per-Click (such as Google, YPN, MSN Adcenter etc.)
* Offline Advertising (flyers, direct mail etc.)

6. Social Media

# Social Bookmarking

* Social Multi-Media Networks
* Podcasts (publish your own podcasts)
* YouTube
* Google Video

# Social Networks

* Squidoo
* MySpace
* AdlandPro
* Direct Matches

# Social Voting

* Digg
* Reddit
* Netscape

7. Forums

Forums are an excellent way to increase your targeted website traffic As you respond and start topics in forums, you become familiar and trusted. Never blatantly advertise your products. Most forums allow a signature which is a space under your posts where you can place links to your websites.

Consistently using these methods will help you increase your targeted website traffic. The internet marketer with the mostlinks and targeted website traffic wins.